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  1. I can one up all of you... when the server restarts most of my tames that are on ceilings fall down to the first floor...... but some of them teleport all the way out into the middle of the ocean! Yeah. Amazing.
  2. It’s very unlikely that they will region lock. Wildcard is owned by Snail Games, which is a Chinese company. I would assume that Grapeshot is also affiliated with them. They could/should do something about the aim botting/exploiting though. There’s been talk all over the forums/discord that they are duping and that’s how they have so many galleons/large ships. Though if they ban them, they will most likely just make new accounts/purchase the game again. Really frustrating.
  3. I also witnessed this last night with this company. They persuaded us with their galleon. We were at full speed on our scooner, so when one of our team died and tried to respawn on our boat they were getting flung off into the water (yeah crappy bug) but as soon as they spawned they were killed instantly, while in the water/under the boat. There is no possible way they could have accomplished this legitly.
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