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  1. Cinder

    Chinese Hackers Please Help

    Do you know what aimbot is? You are a moron lol
  2. Cinder

    Chinese Hackers Please Help

    No if you are from the tribe hunter you had two aimbotters lol I have video proof of it. No again, it's called aimbot.
  3. Cinder

    Chinese Hackers Please Help

    Lol when they shoot you behind rocks and when you're in your base walls.. that's hacking mate not using the auto aim feature.
  4. Cinder

    bug Character Creation Bug

    So after the update it goes to character creation screen every time I try to log in.. I've tried joining different regions/using the rejoin atlast.. restarting steam and pc... nothing works. Is there any way to fix this?
  5. So today we were raided by a bunch of hackers that were aimbotting non stop. They are from China which is the bane of every gamers nightmare as they are known for hacking... Please dev wipe company Hunter. I have proof and videos they were shooting through walls... Also consider region locking China out of N/A...