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  1. first @ all nice game it have potential. but this game wants you on the sea but why there are only 7 ships with 3 of them you can only go in combat, 2 off them dont count (raft, dinghy) where are the Pinas ship , karawelle and more. pirats like edward teach sails a Pinasship/Fluyd (queen anne´s revenge) i think nearby every pirat sails a pinasship. further im shocked about the knowlege from the guys who programmed the game i never saw a galion with 6 masts, ships with 6 masts are freight sailors like the wyoning from 1906. how i can feel on the sea at home if i have so less configuration choices i canot config the hull on the galion i can only put 2 types of sails. where are the headsails, topsail, coursesail and more and i wound talk about how difficult it is to get a ceiling on a large ship deck when he alwas says no foundation nearby lol. with diffenent kind of sails and Ships the game will be more interest. grz burn
  2. yes i have this problem to same config only a ryzen 7 2500x
  3. Burn

    steering wheel Bug

    ohhh youre right it needs to renew thx mate
  4. i buy several times from the cometic vendor the bone wheel and the hydra wheel. he takes the gold and and the right side stands bone wheel addet but its not in the inventory
  5. i thougt ea have the worst support but that breaks all. i read all the bug reports since 1,1,19 and no mod or one officiel gives a comment, thats really really bad if i cant join my server in a week ill give that game back with the reason bad support.
  6. i have a big problem to join a server where id play last. every time i try it comes the message ( Network Failure Message", "Unable to query server info for invite ). it is a 3x4 map mit 6 freeports i have all the ips with ports in my fav list in steam even the ip with port ill log of. that problem comes with patch 9.3. if i try to log in with a invite link or over steam fav the client bring the message ( Host Pending Connection Timeout //Lost/timed out pending connection to host ). in the steam list stays the ipwith port and dont answer. all the other servers are online but that specific server who dont answer in steam list is online some of my friends and admins are online there. on other unofficiel and officiel servers i can get without problems. reinstall steam and game dont work. my firewall dont block that ip. i dont know what i can do else. greetings björn ps i think there is a database problem or a problem with steam but you can not edit the atlas database
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