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  1. Yes I play PVP and it is a concern most of the time due to the limited render distance on ships. It's really ridiculous not being able to see someone coming straight at you until it's almost too late to turn out of the way.
  2. These are all good tips for new players, but the SOD thing was a slight over exaggeration for me, I run a brig with 3 large handling sails between 25-35% weight. The extra maneuverability allows me to choose my engagements without having to worry about outrunning ships which are inherently faster, such as the schooner and galleon. At 19-21k weight capacity you can comfortably run 6-12 rear cannons and carry 800-1,200 medium cannonballs to make the most of your trips.
  3. You act as if you have something more important to do, which is clearly not the case seeing as how you are on the forums for a game that you apparently uninstalled, and very much dislike. It seems more like you are running from something to me.
  4. Your ship can't even be stolen if someone is sleeping on it in a locked room or if a single NPC is alive on board. You choose to live in lawless then adapt to the situation instead of complaining about mechanics of the game that are in reality in need of a buff, not a nerf. The entire point of lawless is so that there's always land available for new players to get started and build a ship to go adventuring with. The land claim system currently allows you to select a 15 hour peace time phase where no one can do PVP or destroy unanchored ships and structures except for the claim holder.
  5. Sailing from point A to B is already what the player spends the majority of their time doing and when the wind is blowing so slowly that they can't even outrun a ship of the damned it makes the game a real chore to play. Going so slow isn't fun, it isn't productive, and you can't even AFK without the risk of losing a ship you've sunk days of time into building, leveling, and farming better quality components for.
  6. If it were meant to be a DLC they wouldn't have went out of their way to get rid of the DX9/10/11 assets just to improve the graphics while knowing full well how long it's going to take to optimize everything recreated in DX12. Also that's not even how the crabs look in Atlas.
  7. I see plenty of rock models that look like they were meant to be metal nodes yet they're just normal rocks that give a mix of stone/flint/metal. Surely this is some kind of mistake. I believe this could also be a problem in other Freeports.
  8. It shouldn't take 12 hours to steal a schooner when you can farm one in 2 hours without tames and the bottom skill in the piracy tree, What's Yours is mine, costs way too much considering it effectively does nothing. The description for WYIM is honestly the most misleading thing I have ever read and I have read a lot of dumb stuff in my life.Oh and BTW it takes like half an hour at most to sink that schooner as a naked with nothing crafting flame arrows, so that's really the only viable option, other than just straight blowing it to pieces.
  9. During a land battle with 150 players fighting over the same island the rubber banding goes beyond reason. It's impossible to predict where the enemy will teleport to next which makes firearms and most melee weapons completely useless against players. I get that it is early access but server performance should have been the top priority from day one and whenever I log in even if there's no one else in my grid it takes a whole minute, sometimes even two, for our base to load in before I can open any doors/containers.You can't expect to get proper feedback on how to better balance PVP for the future when lag plays a major role in what tactics are viable and you can't expect anyone to continue playing when it's a 9-12 hour long headache to defend their territory every single day. Most people who don't even work for a living will only play for half that time or less which is one of the other major reasons for a low player count prior to the introduction of peace time. However IF it weren't so laggy and the minimum wind speed were raised to make travel by sea more bearable it would be a different story.
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