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  1. Percieval continues to be in denial, he wont accept that people are leaving because of fundamental flaws in game design. They don't need your permission to leave Percieval, however much of an expert in this game you think you are. Perhaps the Feb changes will improve things lets see. I'm done with official servers, I may play around on an unofficial with the right ruleset, but I'm currently undecided. All I know is that the OP's original list was very accurate.
  2. Don't those first 150 hours on steam come along quickly.
  3. The first structure you should build is a strong relationship with a large clan that will allow you to build on its territory. That needs to be more beautiful than anything crafted from stone and wood. There are companies out there that are happy for your to build on their land if you take the ask first build later approach. Art imitates life.
  4. When you don't need to look at your phone on the trip to work because you are too busy thinking about respec options.
  5. Your that guy who likes to judge people based on one post. What I am asking for is a level 1 fix to display a basic level of competence before asking for anything more complicated. It shouldn't be that difficult. Have you heard of the term quick wins?
  6. It should be a quick fix and alleviate a lot of frustration, please think carefully before you respond.
  7. For the first time today I saw a wolf jump a 2 storey wall. I now need to build an extra level to protect my central courtyard. Perhaps this was your issue?
  8. Please hire someone that can make a non-shit chat interface like 99.9% of games made this century. C'mon seriously, its a bloody box with text in it. My mother could probably do it in a few hours.
  9. 1. The game rewards sedentary behaviour. You win if you spend more time in game and on your ass than your opponent. 2. The 5 small steps forward, one giant leap backward design philosophy, everything in this game is: +1 +1 +1 +1 +1, -5, +1 +1 +1 +1 +1, -5 3. Lack of permanence in anything but levels (and even they look to be aged later) Game is enjoyable to start with but without some dopamine hits people will start to look elsewhere.
  10. Yeh so about 12 hours from now. Apologies, was working from memory, just rediscovered the tweet.
  11. Twitter says the afternoon of the 8th, is that a US or a EU afternoon I'm not sure.
  12. As much as we are loving the game (our company is growing exponentially) there are two things that would make us very happy if you were to even put them on the radar. They are: Add a party feature - so we can create a party, add people to it and see their location on the map and their health on the HUD The ability to lock the chat box somewhere on our HUD, to modify its size and to filter it based on some tabbed channels, rather than have it bounce around the HUD like some drunken parrot Please please please (with some sugar cane and jute on top) let us know if these things are even doable with your engine, and can they get on the list of future items. One of your loyal scallywags from a country far far away (Australia). Ahoy there and thanks for all the fish.
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