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  1. HOW MANY FUCKING FAILURES BEFORE YOU FUCKING LEARN TO TEST Five minutes of testing on a live test server would have revealed issues with your patch Also, you need to keep everything shut down in these situations and not allow situations where one faction is locked out in offline servers and another can capitalize Use your fucking brains
  2. Greetings Pathfinder Spicy_Churros_TTV! We, at GrapeShot Games, are so grateful for your feedback! We can assure you we have 100% taken your feedback into consideration! We have been working hard to introduce more realistic piratey elements into the game such as anchor turning and alternative methods to powering boat movement such as slave crew and oars. These changes are not possible without modular ship building which we are working hard to introduce! We believe this will provide pathfinders new ways to play and enjoy the game while delivering the most piratey experience possible! Please enjoy!
  4. Sarcastic posts like these aren't helpful because the devs think theyre serious and think theyre doing a great job.
  5. How do you let this stuff happen in the release? Why don't you guys just decide - these are gamebreaking bugs, maybe we should not release this? And how have you not acknowledged or begun to address people losing all their progress for no reason at all - ie. deleted characters and boats? EDIT: Its obvious you have tried to begin working on claims stuff in the background, hence beds issues, mortars issues, structures being able to be built on freeport/golden ages. And its obvious its a catastrophe. Have you even bothered to see if the changes you plan to make are going to be what people want? Maybe you should do that first. No one cares about fucking christmas decorations. Why do you spend effort on this bullshit instead of fixing the real issues in the game? What the fuck? The more players you lose to things like deleted characters, the worst the game becomes overall for everyone - because there are less tribes around in the game to fight against in the PVP server. Pretty soon you will be able to sail around golden ages without encountering anyone at this rate. The problem is you never learn from your mistakes and you never admit to the community you are wrong about things. You guys are ruining your own game. I heard in EU they dont have performance issues or character deletions. Which tells me these issues on NA are easily fixable. And that is not acceptable for these issues to be going on for so long now. I understand its early access and we are basically helping to test the game. but you're not gonna have people around to give feedback and test if you treat your players like this. You should set up a simple 2x2 test server with GA, Freeport, lawless and claimed islands tiles to test your claims stuff. 1 minute of testing on a server and opening the map would have revealed the maps/beds bug.
  6. You would have to be my son And then I would have to die
  7. Once you're bashed, here's what you can do 1) Whip out a bola, and bola him 2) Quickly equip a glider as soon as you get bashed, and then glide away Things you can do before: - Drink ale (damage reduction buff) - Nutrient buff - Pudding ( damage reduction buff)
  8. its because the server is at the tame limit
  9. Platform: PC Your Pathfinder First Name: Mike Your Pathfinder Family Name: Hellraiser Your Company Name: Hellraisers Network: NA PvP Colonies Server Grid: N6 The date this issue occurred: 10/29/2019 ATLAS Coordinates: cheat TP N6 35435 471625 278 Dedossa Island. There is a bug where whenever I try to place a foundation in the water, it says I can't build there because an enemy foundation is nearby. There are no foundations nearby. If I hover over land its OK. This trend follows the coastline of a nice harbour area I want to build on. You can easily see this if I have the place foundation thing open and trace the coastline between land and water. You can also see this in shallows when waves goes in and out. The placement goes from blue to red. This bug is easily reproducible. Here are some photos that provide quick visual evidence & help to make sense of the issue. There is no foundation nearby, wave is out; can build(edited) https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/574917219335798797/638576246342549524/20191028215744_1.jpg Still no foundation nearby, wave comes in, can't builkd - says too close to enemy foundation(edited) https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/574917219335798797/638576247940710409/20191028215745_1.jpg I must re-iterate, these are in the exact same position. The only thing changing is the water.
  10. We'll post updates from our carebear farming experience - stay tuned!
  11. If we can't leave the server on our ship we might as well be playing Farmville
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