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  1. Jesus World Creator

    More love for casual players/small tribes

    You can do this all as a small company you just have to want to, and you cant use the excuse we need to defend our base or we need to harvest because if you become friends with a bigger company they will let u live on their island and pertect you.
  2. Jesus World Creator

    placing shipyard

    There is probably pillers in the water or near by.
  3. Jesus World Creator

    Brief update on PTR & the upcoming ATLAS 1.5 patch

    Lol look at that it's the 5th and way past the wee morning when they said they would put the PTR out and still no ptr lol
  4. Jesus World Creator

    Brief update on PTR & the upcoming ATLAS 1.5 patch

    And where Is this place to opt into the PTR I seen someone said there is a place to opt in and then there is a download or something??
  5. Jesus World Creator

    Brief update on PTR & the upcoming ATLAS 1.5 patch

    Ya because they didn't want to say ohh were changing the date to the 5th so there just saying nothing bunch of assholes who take their following for granted.
  6. Jesus World Creator

    Brief update on PTR & the upcoming ATLAS 1.5 patch

    I mean when you payed for the game you only payed $30 because its an unfinished game, which means there was no promises from the start. Yes they should of came up with a better idea about how to go about doing the servers because people spent all that time playing the game to have everything wiped. But the wipe is good it will low all the players who quit because they could not get a good start from the beginning because of the lack of islands and what not and so many unfriendly people who just wanted to raid while you sleep. Negative part about it people wasted 3 months of there time playing the game not knowing there was going to be a wipe. I feel like if they do the update it will be at 8pm eastern that's when they start implementing here updates and they usually keep tweaking the update till like 4am eastern time
  7. Jesus World Creator

    Brief update on PTR & the upcoming ATLAS 1.5 patch

    Well the test server is apparently coming out today but they refuse to give us a time and you don't need to download anther app/game to play it. They are using the EU PVE server so when they update the game the test server will show up in the normal spot you would find all the other servers and im going to guess its going to be called PTR and not EU PVE
  8. Jesus World Creator

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    So iv never seen people who are this stupid in my life, So now your delaying the test servers for a game that's legit crash and burning And your backpedaling to possibly keep the old claming system or doing both, so there will be 3 servers pve, old stupid claming system where no one shares there island and it gets raided and stolen from them when they sleep, the new way that that makes people want to share. This game cant afford to keep getting delayed, it's DEAD. You need to realise you cant make everyone happy because you will always have trolls who want to raid people islands when they sleep, just go with the new claming system and make it so there is no set time to raid. And owner of the island have to accept requests to allow other companys to build on the island to lower the upkeep of the island and allow the companies who were accepted to build defenses to help defend the island in case the company who owns it is offline. But you really need to get your shit together people starting to just quit the game altogether because you guys are so full of shit and dont even know what your even doing and delay every update you do 10 times. You wasted all this time coming up with the new system and then come out with we are thinking about keeping the old claming system and changing this this and this. Game died because of the old way, people not wanting to share the island with anyone and keeping it only for their company and people raiding offline companys and even taking the whole island that anther company spent months on to build.
  9. Jesus World Creator

    New PVP Changes Will Be The End Of Atlas

    Lol good bye to all the zerg companys who have no skill so they need to rage on people who are not around an island they own. I could see you guys in your chat, " come on guys there not online lets go take everything they worked for for the past week, becuse we have no actual skill to do it while there online" The sad truth is only people who will leave are the trolls who only like to raid when people are not online. Idk how you find that fun besides taking stuff from anther company who worked there ass off for weeks of grinding. While you who spend few hours to make boats to take what you dont deserve. Pathetic and cowardly like, all I have to say to you is dont let the door hit you where the good lord split you. Ps you want all that free open raiding then go collect gold and use coins to raid islands. Plus you will have all the bases not built on claimed islands to raid all you want. Stop your crying because you cant take stuff from hard working players when there not online.
  10. Jesus World Creator

    PvPers wont let new players on current Isands

    There is legit 100s of islands, and its fact that there not all claimed yet go find your self an island or find someone willing to share. There are a lot of people willing to share land with an alliance deal.
  11. Jesus World Creator

    A lot of Lag

    Anyone else experiencing an extram amount of lag all day today. Basically making the game unplayable ever since the update. The patch didn't even fix it.
  12. Jesus World Creator

    Server Issue

    Ya I just tried from anther computer as well and nope don't let you make anther.
  13. Jesus World Creator

    Server Issue

    I trust me I know im now stuck on a down server I mean instead of clicking join you click join new Atlas and it shows server to join. and when you pick allows you to make a new guy.
  14. Jesus World Creator

    Server Issue

    What do you mean? By remove character from the menu.
  15. Jesus World Creator

    Please roll back the server G8

    I hope I don't lose my account I think I was sailing into G8 and I was kicked offline and now Im unable to get back onto the game...…….