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    Your were killed by Pathfinder (square)

    windows can be climbed through with climbing picks, pin locks can be brute forced in less than 10 minutes with 5 people trying, i'm sure there are no clip hacks, and the squares mean they are Chinese characters
  2. lordversailles

    remove fire arrows

    to be fair, it's literally a flaming stick, the ground shouldn't be irrupting into flames like they do, if anything they should barely be able to light a canvas sail on fire. Now a flaming oil soaked rag with maybe a glass jar might cause this molotov cocktail explosion that occurs, but would weigh a crap ton and drop like a rock
  3. lordversailles

    bug No resources from salvaging ships

    was it a ramshackle? i demo'ed one and didn't get anything from it
  4. you can press Delete and yell too, which will quickly drain stamina and you'll dehydrate to death
  5. lordversailles

    Was just about to make a glowing review...

    You can easily steal land and throw down a 2x2 respawn hut, that's what we had to do n PvP and PvE. eventually managing to make friends of the people we stole from
  6. Actually, we have had wolves and horses spawn inside our bases several times. They don't have to walk or glitch in. We go out for a run, no one at the base, get notified that a sleeper was killed, all of our boxes broken with a wolf inside a sealed building
  7. lordversailles


    Hostile animal spawns are freaking insane, you can't land on a n island without 5 groups of 5 wolves attacking you making it very frustrating
  8. lordversailles

    NA PVE Server B12, can't log in

    having the same issue
  9. lordversailles

    Server B12 NA PvE not responding?

    title unable to connect after logging out for a few minutes
  10. lordversailles

    I lose everything, every day

    pve land cannot be stolen by other players if you have been in the radius of the claim flag, just steal a plot of land from someone who took over the entire island, that's what we had to do