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  1. I play on two computers. Can I combine a open map on two computers? Mist closing the card is tied to the computer: (
  2. Those. you mean to say that you carry lighted fire arrows in your quiver and is it real? Add a mini boom ignition game like firearms and everyone will be happy.
  3. It is enough to shoot at the ground next to the player or animal so that it will catch fire. 100 hp in any armor go in 1 second. And here it is not my fault that I entered into a puddle. Why is such an overdose damage from a shot to the ground? I would understand if you first throw oil, and then set it on fire - but no, the earth just burns ...
  4. It is unreal, you do not have time to do anything against these stupid arrows !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REMOVE THEM !!!!!!
  5. Remove fire arrows from the game, it is simply impossible !!! 1 second and in no armor to survive. If you shoot next to the character in the ground, the damage is very high !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Yesterday the server was unavailable EU PVP G7. Today my character is deleted. Return progress!
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