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  1. ... that thsi company simply does not want you to play their game. They wanted you to play ARK, you can even say they liked ARK, but ATLAS is just a reskin which was made for the 1 time purchase value. Now the only thing they have to do is getting rid of even more of their players by making such stupid decissions over and over and reducing the prize of the game to sell a few more copies...
  2. I call it right now, the Patch will be released with some final changes at the patchnotes which noone could read before including: "we fixed structure behaviour not blocking respawns and building privileges" but they will only do it for foundations and pillars and will forget small gates ^^
  3. I have 2 smal allowed to build for everyone territories which are mainly there to give new people a place to start. Recently a troll did build Tiny Shipyards and anchored a Raft on it, I did set the Territory to owner only and waited the 1 hour till demolish was allowed (short Timer because he was not there for a long Time). When it was done I tried to demolish the Tiny Shipyard (which is still blocking Ressources from respawning in quite a large radius...), the option wa sthere, the bar filled up till fully green and when releasing nothing at all is happening. Tried as workaround: set territory building privilege back and forward (everyone, owner only, everyone) did the same with one of my flags being further away from this place leaving territory completely and comming back Nothing worked and the only difference is that there are anchored Rafts and when they are anchored they have a connection to the Tiny Shipyard. Please fix this
  4. This is no evidence, this just shows that people only see what they want to see. The first flag you guys placed was possible due inactivity sleeping body deleting and therefor there was no Timer/Protection. As soon as you placed your first flag the protection showed up because of the activity you made, the protection Timer is shown because of your teammates flag... Edit: You can even test it... Tell your teammate to remove his declaiming flag and then place your own, you will have no more protection Timer in your way due him removing his flag and that will let you place your flag...
  5. happened right now at 2 out of 3 maps, fix your shit....
  6. Hi guys, I googled, I looked through the Wiki, the Forum and Steam discussion, but I could find nowhere the Infos I needed/wanted to know. 1. At the Wiki taming section it does state that the current max wildlife Level is 60, where can I find those Level 30+ Animals? 2. Is Wildlife at the Powerstone Islands tamable? (They go up till level 149 from what I saw, so I guess no, but a confirmation would be nice) If someone does know that stuff it would be nice to let me know, ty.
  7. I did it as a solo player, but only because I used a random guy as "shield". I waited till he attempted to reaach the fountain, as he did he pulled aggro, due he had aggro I could sneak through everything. Completely solo seems to be undoable (legit), to much high level stuff, don't think you can clear everything inbefore respawning. Ps: The good thing is that currently everyone is going for it, so you will have no problem finding someone you can "follow".
  8. Yes all prior fountains had been for all 4 officials servers at the same location, the question now is, will it be still there after the "forced" serverdown...
  9. You are doing something really wrong. I am a solo player too, I reached the soft level cap of 51 within 2 days of playing by just farming alphas. Leveling is a joke and even quicker possible by going for treasures. What does lead to the next point, why the hell should it not be possible for you to go anywhere? I made a 1 1/2 RL days journey alone to get all different seeds, other needed materials and do a 1.700 Gold treasurecard. Solo play is doable, but obviously challenging. Ps: Does not change the fact that the aging system is broken and badly implemented and should be removed till fixed (50 days my ass, the fountain is moving more like every 5 days...)
  10. Just arrived at C6 and it is gone, it is amazing how incompetent those ...... Devs are. O14, C6, both nowhere near to 50h, I am 96 years now and a solo player, if I die of age and lose all my stuff you will never see me at any of your games again SW (ARK + all expansions and ATLAS so far)... Holy shit am I pissed, so much incompetence at one spot unbelievable Edit: and yes I do understand EA, but implementing and forcing stuff on people which is broken is the way how you get rid of your players and not how you get feedback to improve your game....
  11. just watch out when entering C6 due everyone going there now it is stacked with SotD, if you enter the area do it in a almost paralell otherwise you will get instasniped by them
  12. At the moment everyone is running there and going for it (C6) so as a solo player you should take your chance and use the laggy server (mobs do not react) or if the lags/stability is fixed (I laughed myself) you can just try to follow a group inside. I am on my way now as solo player, changed home region to A6 and currently at the boarder of it, will post in a couple of hours how it went.
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