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  1. I found a fix everyone, I tried to delete my character by deleting a random folder and instead that fixed it. Go to local folders and go to each folder I forgot the name but in one of them there should be a folder called like profiledata or something. Delete that and your game should run again
  2. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but after I entered F13 I started crashing when opening map. Then I died and crashed because it shows a map, I keep getting assertion failed and I’ve reinstalled, verified game cache, rebooted pc. Don’t know what to do is there a fix to this yet??
  3. I keep crashing when I try to connect to server how do I create a new character without going in game
  4. Completely close steam and launch again. Ur game version doesn’t match the servers
  5. I just made a raft and sailed out in hopes to find a place of settlement, instead I find every island spammed with flags and there is no point to contest because there are like almost 100 flags everywhere even claiming the ocean. This is insane, well I guess this is what happens when you have 40,000 people on a server. For new sailors out there we cant find any place to stay and there are no open islands. And what is the point to contest land when they have their structures and beds there. They will just claim it back. I hope something gets done about this like the limited number of flags you can place. Also resources aren't respawning. I spent 9 hours looking for a place to live to no avail, overall im just disappointed.
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