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  1. Agree. As long as sap is limited to temperate biomes (??) its wont matter if requirement is 5 or 25. Still not making it possible to make a place to call home where you have a smaller chance of getting offline raided.
  2. Stats don't lie (ATLAS - Steam Charts graph pinpointing same time last 3 friday nights) Disclaimer: I'm not an analyst so I'm not claiming anything fancy with this, just hoping Developers will take notice and improve the game in a direction its players will support.
  3. Worst math ever, wrongly assuming the opinion of all viewers. This however is how statistics are born to be part of political discussions.
  4. I really want to go into Atlas and build, but that is not possible with the recent patch. Instead I'm browsing the forums, hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel that will reawaken my desire to launch into the game
  5. What he said. The game should be hard and have obstacles to overcome, but there HAVE to be elements of fun thrown in the mix. As it is right now, game is tilted towards: a. forcing people into large companies that can claim and hold rare resource land (this is very bad) b. griefers that offline raids (this cant be prevented and is part of the game, but needs better cost/benefit balancing)
  6. Sad how peoples reactions to a game they had high hopes and expections for are not being properly addressed by the developers. And yes.. as someone mentioned earlier, hoping that the game will die is not a respectful approach to the problems. Hoping instead that developers will address the feedback from the community and provide some kind of answer
  7. In ARK they just made up a bigger dinosaurs accessible only to large tribes in order to fix "balance issues". They found a way in Atlas too.
  8. Offline raiding is not a surprise. The big surprise is why make it easier than it was already ? If there was a better cost/benefit balance it would still happen, but at least you knew they had to work for it. Recent patch made it so much a hassle to build stone that only real question is "why bother with this game anymore"
  9. Me and a friend tried spawn rushing the O7 FoY without success yesterday. Conclusion: worst design of game mechanic ever. How they could put this in their game and think "this will be fun for players to do" is something I fail to understand. we failed after maybe half an hour trying to get past the fire elementals and after the "stone patch" destroyed our plans to build there just really wasn't much heart left to do anything in what could have been a great game. Dont bother posting suggestions on what we should have done. We would have figured that out ourselves in time, point is: We didn't have the heart to tackle the challenge since the question "Why bother" was in the back of our heads during the few hours game session last night.
  10. An explanation from devs to at least try to explain WHY they felt this change was needed would be nice. I'm pretty convinced we won't get any "official" response on this change.
  11. CCP actually cared for their players. Developers of this game haven't even responded to this thread.
  12. Game went from crap (launch) to ok (before FoY) to retarded (FoY and stone build mats). Shame that a game that actually held so much promise screwed itself over with an abundance of bad decisions. I hope this will result in a mass exodus away from the what is a ..well.. sinking ship..
  13. This patch clearly shows the intention of the game is to have mega companies and totally gives the finger to small groups of players. While some of the aspects of the game has been enjoyable so far, this puts it clearly in the category of DO NOT RECOMMEND. Raiding inland SHOULD be hard, this update just tips the scales too far in favor of no-lifers and griefers since there is no kind of offline protection.
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