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  1. first off, sorry english is not my native language. One of the biggest problems with offline ship-sinking is about the *one damaged plank = sinking* Suggestion: If you anchor your ship for the night, it gets a buff, after X straight hour/s, which makes it impossible to sink with just one damaged/missing plank. You actively need to destroy 1/4 of all planks to make it sink and be able to salvage it. Pros: - it is a lot harder to sink anchored ships - not possible straight after battle - you can still steal the resources inside the ship Cons: - i don't know, but there are always cons.
  2. Crocodiles shouldn't be able to damage ships. 1. They do three dmg per attack (against a brig) at the moment and this is just not even a strategical factor because you can't tame them. 2. They try to attack crewmates on ships and damage the ships while you are offline. Just logged in and was lucky to see three crocodiles attacking our brig and a plank which had only 3k hp left. If you are not careful they can and will sink your ships without a reason, because they won't reach the crewmates inside the ship or on the deck. There is no potential aspect of those guys doing damage to ships, correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. We had several structures (Loom, Tannery, several Walls/Floors and 2 Boxes) getting claimed of our Ally, which didn't claim anything at all. Not the whole Base got claimed, just several things and there was no flag, they couldnt even get in/out with the claimed structures, looked totally random which stuff was gone.
  4. Second row: Faster Pistol Reload Picture says 20% -> tooltip says 10% and its 10%
  5. Torry


    At the moment there are MANY servers on EU PVP with more than 150 people (sometimes 170+) in the list, but ingame there are less than 150 online. On the other side there are 10+ Servers with less than 5 people on it (no information about the real number ingame) Btw. I´m stuck at M9 on EU PVP -> Connection Timeout
  6. Torry

    Game deleted?

    It is 10:30 CET (Germany) and I started the update. Updater wrote, for like 5 minutes, over 300mb/s and didn´t download anything, but now I have to download the whole game again? Bug?
  7. I´m on I9 (EU-PVP) which isnt full and I can´t log in
  8. cry me a river maybe the game tells you to have a break some people couldnt play at all since release.
  9. Let´s be real even if its frustrating. The communication in the last days got better, thanks to Jat. And if the problem would be solved with just the deletion of some characters, they would have done that. There must be a bigger problem, if people never even joined a server and get the same error, coz that kills the hypothesis of "just delete it and we can play".
  10. How hard can it be to delete sleeper lvl 1 Chars? I´m in germany and it´s 10 pm, thought about a nice day to explore atlas and TRIED to start at 10am. Wasted 12 freaking hours now coz of the same bullshit.
  11. New Serverbuild - Same Problem! Can Join NA PVP but the old problem in EU
  12. Sounds like "yeah I hope it works, if not...tough life"
  13. I didnt joined any NA server and got the same problem there.
  14. "Lost/ timedout connection to host" Got on all OFFICIAL servers this message, if I try to join. Unofficial are fine, can join them without any problems. Suggestions?
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