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  1. I just wanted a solution to demolish enemy structures and ships within my claim area.
  2. is it still in G3? I thought I was already at H6.
  3. it is necessary to reduce the time of reclaiming the land. 6 hours is absurd. otherwise change only so that the owners of the land can challenge, because anyone who steps in the area resets all the time of the flag in a matter of seconds. The person needs to be extremely unoccupied to stay there for more than 6 hours on a claiming ground. I lost my whole Sunday for nothing.
  4. I do not use any equipment in the character after using the skill "Prying Eyes Feat". I can only use equipment after dying or reconnecting to the server.
  5. I made the same complaint here, I opened a topic about it, but from what I see it does not work ... The developers do not respond.
  6. it is impossible to dock on any island. crocodiles can be faster than the ships inside the water, and are with an absurd damage !. one of them managed to sink my newly built Ship, simply biting it as I tried to escape. with all the wind in my favor. It's absurd, you can not play like that.
  7. How can players demolish the structures of others in pve? Stealing the trunks on the ship is fine ... but inside the house, it's absurd. demolished my ship base construction. if I wanted to be rationed I would play on the pvp server. even my chests with passwords, 2 guys came and stole everything. and destroyed my ship under construction. This is unacceptable, I can not even retaliate since I am in PVE !!! and this should not happen.
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