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  1. WildWyvern20

    How to fix the game, IMO

    Thank you, I appreciated this debate. Have a good night, brother. May Atlas pull through, and reign in a new era of games.... in like 5 or 6 years.. lolz
  2. WildWyvern20

    How to fix the game, IMO

    Oh. My. Goodness... Number ONE: I DO NOT WANT THIS GAME TO BE LIKE ARK OR RUST! DO NOT, I do not want this game to be like Ark or Rust, I Do Not Want This Game to be like Ark or Rust. I don't know how many times I have to say that. Number TWO: Holding out for Star Citizen, as I am holding out for this one. This game is very ambitious, just like Star Citizen. But, nowhere near. Number THREE: No comment. Number FOUR: I think the travel is fine, IF THEY ADD FUN THINGS TO DO WHILST SAILING FOR LONG DISTANCES! It is in Early Access, so I know things can/will change, and get better. If not, though, then the map needs to be cut in half, at the least. I NEVER stated I wanted Char EXP to be increased??? Let me put this in simple terms.. NEEBS GAMING, a very popular gaming YTer, stated in a video: There is a line between having fun with a game, and it sucking your life away. I don't want it easy, but I don't want to HAVE to play it like a job. It is a videogame, not a job. Number FIVE: Thank you for that. From what you are posting, you are putting words in my mouth, and you aren't really reading my posts. I WANT this game to be different than the other Survivals, and If it succeeds, it will be it's own kind of game. Since it's release, I have stated, "PvE'ers and RP'ers will be ESSENTIAL to make this game work." This game rewards teamwork, and cooperation to build empires, to build settlements, to have an economy. It wants it's own player economy, politics, etc. And I do agree, people that are WAY into PvP in Rust, DayZ, and so on will not help this game grow. I have a voice, and a good one. I love the game, but I know it's flaws, and I am not afraid to point em out. This game has so much potential.. Again, I advocate for it.. and I hope it TO BE A DOOR TO A NEW ERA OF MMORPG's AND SURVIVALS.
  3. WildWyvern20

    How to fix the game, IMO

    Um.... I don't ONLY play survival games, it was an example. We are a problem? You really are ridiculous. I wanted it to, but this game will NOT make it in the MMORPG market, the devs have figured that out and are leaning more towards singleplayer and so on. The engine simply can not run it, and even if it could, it would be laggy with low FPS's. That has been proven. FFXIV is a Titan, right now.. especially with the release of Shadowbringers. If you are lookin for a good MMORPG, start there. I'm holding out for Star Citizen, hoping something will happen there. Anywho, this is an entirely different game, anyways... if, SOMEHOW, they manage to make it/or even continue TRYING to make it into an MMORPG, it will not be like any other MMO out. It is it's very own brand of game. A Survival Sandbox MMORPG. I support this game wholeheartedly, and wish it the very best... but don't you dare come here and say that people, like me and my buddies, are a problem. We love this and the gaming industry just as much as the next guy, and only offer our opinions. Whether you agree with it or not, these are my opinions. This is what I think will be best for the game. P.S: If you'd read, you'd see that I clearly stated: THIS IS NOT ARK, DO NOT TRY TO MAKE IT LIKE ARK!
  4. WildWyvern20

    How to fix the game, IMO

    First off, me and my buddies are men. The buddies I am referring to are 50+ years of age, and we play Ark, Rust, so on. and Again, if you had read an earlier comment before.... I have played Ark Official PvP, with these same guys, for the first 1k hours into the game, I've played it since it was released, and the unofficials we go on are not that jacked up. I understand the game is in EA, too. BUT, Sailing, right now, is WAY TOO LONG. It is not about instant gratification.. I absolutely LOVE to work for what I get, instant gratification is boring. BUT, right now, there is not enough to do to make sailing fun enough to warrant sailing for more than 2 hours, at a time. And, as I stated above.. if they add enough fun things to be able to do on extended sails, I will be perfectly fine with the current state of sailing. I am a MAN, not a KID, I have work and other obligations that keep me from playing all the time, like a no-life leech. I simply cannot dedicate 14 hours a day for a game. Next time READ before you make assumptions.
  5. WildWyvern20

    How to fix the game, IMO

    Need it now generation? Excuse me? Ummmm, I played Ark: Survival Evolved Official PvP the first 1k hours in that game. BUT, I actually have a job, now and can't afford to spend 4 hours sailing. I love the grind, the progression and the dedication it takes. I LIKE the sailing.... BUT, it takes up too much of the time without enough to do on the sails, and if fun stuff for sailing is added, I will probably change my opinion. I understand this is early access, and things are and may be subject to change. But, I am just throwing put my opinion. And tbh, the way atlas is going, it's in a non mmo way.
  6. WildWyvern20

    How to fix the game, IMO

    I love this game... BUT...It's not doing so well because:1.) Sailing is entirely too long. My buddies quit the game, MAINLY because the long sails we'd have to take for certain resources would be so long, my guys were like "Dude, what is there to do..?" I think you should really just cut down the map size by maybe 65%2.) Bad press, at the start. WC/GS, You REALLY messed up with the delays that it had for it's launch, and the launch experience was absolute GARBAGE... and I've played a lot of MMO launches. People couldn't even get into the game.3.) You branded it as a pirate-game.. and it's really honestly just a fantasy game with ships. This is a fantasy experience... more so than a pirate experience, IMO. Change the tags..4.) You should NOT be able to build shields and all these insane builds on a pirate ship, or have 50 cannons on one side.. it's impractical and just absolute BS, it messes with the ship combat. Let ship/pirate PvP be skill based, not "The one with the most shield buildings, to prevent dmg to the hull, etc on their ship win" That's not fun... at all.5.) I personally don't think MMOs should have singleplayer or unofficial... it just fragments the community, tbh.. but, that's just me..That's all I can think of, for now... It is GORGEOUS, it is FUN, but the playerbase just isn't there. I just wish there would be SOME bigger islands.. and I honestly think you should have left taming out of the game... with it being a pirate game... IT'S NOT ARK, GUYS!!!! There's no reason Razortooths and Shieldhorns, ESPECIALLY, should be tameable in a pirate game. (Yes, I am aware it is Golden Age, and so on.. not truly a pirate game, but that is how you pushed it out.)I REALLY want this game to succeed.... but, it needs a lot of dedication... a lot of bug fixes... a fair bit of content, and honestly... a couple complete overhauls (Taming, etc.) just a LOT of TLC...But, if anyone can do it.. It's WC/Grapeshot.If you are seeing this Grapeshot... this is not Ark (A game I absolutely love) Don't make it an Ark clone... because.. right now, a LOT of people see it that way... it has SO much potential... I believe in you guys!
  7. WildWyvern20

    merge pvp and pve

    I honestly really like this idea. A.) Civilians: PvE (adventurers, farmers, traders, builders, etc.) ship/base not destroy-able, cannot associate with pirates, but can be robbed. B.) Merchants: PvP (Merchants lolz) Can associate with any faction. Makes gold, delivers shipments. ship not destroy-able, base not destroy-able. C.) Pirates: PvP (Pirates, Privateers, Mutineers) Can associate with any faction. Can destroy any ships, able to rob anybody. Can take up bounties, can be escorts for shipments, etc. D.) Navy: PvP: Can associate with any faction. Handles the law, can have ship destroyed and can only destroy pirate ships. Can take up bounties, can be escorts for shipments, etc. Just food for thought, bringing the player base together and making factions, I really like. Place for RPers, place for PvP. Could be awesome. It's a rough thought, and has it's kinks, but could be awesome!
  8. WildWyvern20

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    This be true, me hearty
  9. WildWyvern20

    Pirates don't pay taxes

    So people flood the forums to keep land claims in PvE... WC Listens and adds it back to PvE for the update... People now complain about land claims coming back to PvE in new update... #feelzbadman
  10. WildWyvern20

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    All I got from this is that we're getting the PTR on March 20th, not the wipe. lmao, WC stop setting release dates, you can never keep 'em.
  11. WildWyvern20

    What would you do?

    I am totally game for a wipe, and to those saying it's not needed, yes. it is. the claim system being revamped, the new war system, it'll all screw with the game if it's not wiped before this all is implemented
  12. WildWyvern20

    What would you do?

    ARK and Atlas are two totally different games in the way of servers, the playerbase is already fragmented between four officials and a metric ton of unofficials. They don't need to make anymore servers. People need to accept that it's EA, expect a wipe, and probably a couple more down the line. Wipe Hype
  13. WildWyvern20

    Disregard, sorry!

    Disregard, im a doofus
  14. WildWyvern20

    Creature Designer

    Bear: War mount, have it's own unique armor, be ride-able, be a HARD tame to get, but be a beast of a tame. A big brute that strikes fear into your enemies. Also, Gathers honey! Chicken: When on wander, makes eggs Cow: Not rideable, When on wander, produces milk Bull: Not rideable, A cart mule, protects any cows when on wander, if they get attacked. make him tankier. Crow: Messenger, can attach notes or bps and send them to players or desired areas. Razortooth: Make it a temporary tame, which can only be used on Golden Age Ruins Islands, and not transportable on a boat. Has a roar that gives an attack damage buff when performed. Shieldhorn: Make it a temporary tame, which can only be used on Golden Age Ruins Islands, and not transportable on a boat. Give it a powerful heal, and make its head like a very strong, natural shield, possibly. Elephant: Allow it to dig for water, makes huge water spouts, and add a special saddle which allows War weaponry to be attached, Cannons, catapults, something. Giant Pig: War mount possible, have it's own unique armor, cmon.. you wanna ride a pig into battle as much as I do! Has a charge ability that gores and bleeds. Better shovel, collects worms, and locates and collects veggies a lot better. (Like how they use pigs to search for truffles) Giraffe: Not rideable, Make it a natural ladder possibly? Horse: Can pull carts, have its own unique armor Lion: Not rideable, They are war beasts, non-rideable, But can pin, grab, or possibly even maim (slow) players when struck) on a CD, of course Monkey: Natural lock pick, or pickpocket Ostrich: Rideable, Natural speed mount, maybe give their kick a big torpor hit, one or 2hKOing players, on a CD Parrot: Music buff, makes music easier to play and amplifies the buff Penguin: Natural insulation, I guess Rabbit: Naturally breeds on wander, has tons of babies, which require no care, providing you with fresh stock of meat, daily. Rhino: Natural war mount, Rideable, give it its own unique armor, can be used as a battering ram. damages stone, even. Seagull: These things need a new sound, otherwise they should be shot and killed lolz most annoying sound in the game. Tiger: Has a gash, slows and bleeds players or creatures. Not rideable Sheep: Natural insulation, otherwise, fine. Vulture: Meh Wolf: Rideable, with it's own unique armor, Has a howl that increases attack damage and attack speed. Turtle: A TURTLE MADE IT TO THE WATER!!!! But anyway, make it tameable, and carryable, make it look like a backpack on your back, and maybe provide armor?? or more weight?? Would be perty cute too Point is, not everything in the game should be ride-able. Please don't turn this into another Ark game. This is a pirate game. Encourage more player pvp, and ship pvp, not creature pvp, but when someone does bring out a bear, or rhino or something, people should be like, OH CRAP! and focus resources to kill it. Make there be tactics in this game. Skill based, so on, so forth. Make NPCs be able to gather on wander for you, work a smithy for you, cook for you, guard a base for you, and so on. Kind of like Conan did. But you have to train them in the areas you want them to work, pay them, with gold, food, OR housing, and so on so forth. The better you treat them, the more or better product they yield. Not just a leech when not sailing. I agree with a statement above, make there be cages or something you can build on a ship to turn animals into an item, it's a nice cosmetic, and it prevents them from falling off, and you having to get em out of the ocean.
  15. WildWyvern20

    The Lion Problem

    You should be able to kill lions with swords when they grab you in their mouths. I am a melee role, and when a lion grabs me, I am helpless, if I dont have a bow.