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  1. Currently, the checks prevent allied claims from overlapping at all, which means its harder to share land with an ally than with an enemy. It's actually easier to de-ally and steal claims from each other to get good coverage than it is to just unclaim a flag and allow a ally to build there. Can we get an update that removes the checks preventing allied flags from overlapping?
  2. Krush

    Unable to query server info for invite

    I'm unable to connect due to this error.
  3. Yeah I just want to be able to snap and align things
  4. Can we change it so that water reservoirs 'fill pipes with water' so that an underground pipe can be placed? The reason for this is so that a indoor pipe can be placed to make everything line up nicely with the house. It should be reasonable given the water reservoirs do all the same function as a fresh water source as long as they get rain occasionally.
  5. Also happening on NA D10->D11 transition
  6. Krush

    Cart + AI + swivel get rid of this trash

    They also can climb angles far steeper than a player can go up.
  7. The claim / declaim timers continue to tick through downtime. My company lost 3 claims due to the connection issue patches as we couldn't finish our sail back to contest the claims due to being kicked offline and unable to rejoin.
  8. Krush


    15.67 Still doesn't work for NA PVP
  9. Krush


    You fixed it then immediately broke it with 15.65. Can't login again. And my company is losing land claims due to this, I managed to get on before you patched 15.65 and we already lost 1 land claim (that should have been a 2+ hour declaim) during the downtime as well as an ocean claim right next to it. Neither of which were even close to being down when you patched 2 hours ago.
  10. Krush


    And my zone was in the middle of a siege from the chinese so we're probably getting f'd right now cause we can't login.
  11. Krush

    [critical bug] Declaim Timers broken!

    Can we get an update when this will be fixed?
  12. Krush

    broken Wood Elevator Issue

    Yeah I watched it, mine did the same thing because a tiny bit of cliff blocked it, that's why i said to check if you can place walls up from that spot.
  13. Krush

    5hr 30m to Claim Land now? Really?

    The total claim totals is broken, see: The range of declaim timers goes from 6 hours (1 land claim) to 15 minutes (a lot of land claims, unknown minimum for 15 minutes). I believe the idea is if you are conservative with your claimed land you are given more chance to keep it, and if you're a mega-company just claiming land all over you'll have a harder time keeping it. Basically, the devs are wanting to prevent one company from owning the whole map.
  14. Krush

    broken Wood Elevator Issue

    The NPC will hold it so it just goes all the down and all the way up unless you tell it to stop partways. Check if you can build a wall along the backside of the elevator, it's probably clipping the mountain side which is why the elevator stops (i had the same issue, and i had to make a 2nd elevator with a transition point)