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  1. slightlymad79

    Official PVP Hardcore mode request

    JACK wind your neck in and slink into the shadows you play on a private x20 server and you still had the audacity to whine about taming being too hard.
  2. slightlymad79

    Multi Server Types - A Change For Good

    I totally agree with you
  3. slightlymad79

    Official PVP Hardcore mode request

    This is coming from experience the Japanese did just that to us they flooded our server while we were asleep with 150 guys then when they started raiding it was booting all the defenders off to other tiles , It works the other way too when we went for them we couldn't join the server as they had it stacked full
  4. Want to know the funny thing? This server is +20 and easy taming and super high gather rates , this is also a player that complained about PVP , kind of says it all
  5. Well said , we never really got offline raided , once was the Japanese with 150 players flooding our server but essentially that's their prime time and they have no server of their own . My concern is mega tribes turtling on their tiles and the servers have a 150 man cap , so how is this going to work if they have 10% of their force defending which essentially will be about 150 men then how do attackers get into the tile
  6. quite the psychiatrist but completely wrong , I really don't get triggered by keyboard warriors
  7. slightlymad79

    Some constructive feedback on the new changes

    Personally I think its going to be worse for small tribes because at the moment on NA small tribes exist under small alliances on Lawless however come the patch lawless will be the only fighting / raiding ground for people outside the raid times "token" times thus making it a slaving simulator , come join us and live under our protection or be wiped
  8. slightlymad79

    Official PVP Hardcore mode request

    I really don't get the issue the people objecting to the post got what they wanted all im asking is for the people that don't want this ruleset get to play with the ruleset they want. Also if you look at the pricing of private servers just to get one the size of officials its way outpriced of what the average gamer can afford and only nitrado whos customer service is really not that great
  9. slightlymad79

    New rules is not going to work

    Well if they had a pirate themed Rust with cannon ships yes I would 100% play that
  10. You know im not panicked over a video game I was front line infantry in the 2003 push into Iraq so pixels or forums do not bother me. You are either really immature or a kid screaming for attention (Although im sorry if you have ADHD or ADDD because then you cant help it) Im not replying to you or reading your posts anymore so continue throwing your kiddy fit towards someone else. Peace
  11. slightlymad79

    New rules is not going to work

    Top man could not have said it better , I was In a 15 - 20 man guild that held its own , survived exploiters , cheaters 150 man Japanese zerg in offline hours , ended up going solo due to RL commitments not had an issue but that's because im used to RUST this is far less brutal. This company is dumbing the game down for sure and it will make it boring and less appealing when ppl just camp home tile all day with no consequences. They tried raid timings in other games with war tokens it just doesn't work
  12. slightlymad79

    PVP outside of window.

    Yeah your going to need a "war token" to instigate against them
  13. slightlymad79

    PVP outside of window.

    I used to be in a guild that was sucked into a mega , due to RL commitments I went solo. Exactly as you stated it was easy enough I had 5 bases spanning multiple islands on lawless each with its own shipyard and a 90% constructed ship that I only used when needed. I took a break for a week and lost 1 sloop and one small stash base. A N.O 1 mega tried to pressgang me into joining by sinking my ship and giving me a 24 hour warning to join or be wiped , I basically waited for them to be attacked by another mega and went on a rampage causing crap behind their lines when they were busy, it was online and it was fun getting into chases and skirmishes. Unfortunately people need spoonfeeding and cant figure stuff out on their own . I did just fine , now on the change its impossible to get revenge on megas being jerks . I also found land on recently wiped islands . This patch basically destroys the sandbox and destroys small group or solo play. Pity we cant get a refund as I would not have purchased a game that tells me when I can or cant attack someone.
  14. slightlymad79

    Official PVP Hardcore mode request

    over exaggerating there fella "everyone" no just one player Its been tried in countless other games , go to Gloria victis speak to people about token trolling I just left that game after 500 hours because it revolves around people throwing fake tokens on guild castles during raid windows and whole guilds being ordered to sit there for two hours just in case they might get attacked , trust me it gets boring fast. Don't even know why your trolling im asking for two modes , you still get your PVE / PVP light mode & other players that want sandbox PVP get theirs . There is not even an argument here
  15. slightlymad79

    Official PVP Hardcore mode request

    Well it seems that the split is half half , what is so wrong with giving people choice? At the moment players that don't want it are being forced into it. I wanted sandbox open world PVP like it quoted in the advert. If players cant handle it they whine and stamp their feet and get it changed . I lost ships offline , I learnt how to combat it, I also learnt how to protect my goods seems a lot of people cant think outside the box and will be happy being invulnerable to PVE on their little rock that crap will get boring fast , MEGA tribe wont attack mega tribe nothing will change. There are far too many ways to exploit the raid timings as a mega , simply get all the players of the alliance into the one server and camp it till the timer runs out as long as its 150/150 no one can get in , the Japanese streamer army did it to us no one could join to defend . I really don't get why your spewing so much ahte , your getting your PVE/PVP light mode So why cant we ask for a pure PVP mode for the big kids?