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  1. WhuShuBungBung

    Save Atlas with a battle royale

    thats a yikes idea. the game is pvp why do you need it too say "Battle Royale"
  2. WhuShuBungBung

    Dlc and game still takes days to steal boats....

    Your confused about the decisions they make about a dead game? this game died along time ago, BECAUSE of the decisions they were making. your mad about something too late bro. move on. theres much better games out there.
  3. WhuShuBungBung

    Creature Designer

    Leave animal the way they are, theres honestly nothing wrong with them, there ai is wonky af but theres not a damn thing wrong with animals.although i do agree there isnt a great thatch gatherer. i have lived on an island where a single swing with a bear would yield 3-4k thatch. so, i think people are just trying to complain ..
  4. WhuShuBungBung

    skill Bugged skill points and Talent tree.

    So what had happened was i used my Respec. for level 53, and immediately noticed after distributing my stat points. was that none of my previous skill trees locked. so i was able to point into things like Beastmastery, Piracy, Armour, Cooking, Firearms, etc. Upon relaunching the game. the following Skill trees had been relocked, im not sure what had caused it, if it was a freak error, or if it had to do with me dc'ing right before it happened. but i would like the have my stats fixed please. if a gm, or admin could please do what they gotta do. Gif elaborating the bug.
  5. WhuShuBungBung

    Small list of gamebreaking bugs

    None of these sound like actual bugs, it sounds like personal issues...
  6. WhuShuBungBung

    Floating Resources.

    So this is something ive never seen, the ground it normal some of the rocks are normal. and then some of the resources on this particular spot. Float Picture for visuals cheat TP L6 240516 128345 13746
  7. WhuShuBungBung

    broken Wood Elevator Issue

    so do devs not check out bug reports or? like is this a dead thread.
  8. WhuShuBungBung

    broken Wood Elevator Issue

    did either of you bother to watch the gif? at a certain point it stops going down completely.
  9. WhuShuBungBung

    EU PvE E5 Ping 150-250

    was Meridian59 early access?
  10. WhuShuBungBung

    broken Wood Elevator Issue

    cheat TP M10 -123076 -212841 3177 so ive been constructing a wood elevator system because im tired of people flame arrowing my animals. yet this elevator seems to wanna only go so far. now i have alot of mats into this already and am thinking its just a bug because i dont see any pathing issues or anything of that sort. Gif with more visual.
  11. WhuShuBungBung

    Snap points.

    infact i have, it snaps to the outer side of those walls
  12. WhuShuBungBung

    Alpha Creatures

    yeah pls nerf the hydra to. so i can fight it in the wild, also if you could just drop cyclops hp to about 2-300. because there to hard.
  13. WhuShuBungBung

    Snap points.

    id like to suggest that snap points on building be reworked. things like this are really common and super annoying, ive died about 10 times so far and wasted a shit ton of mats. Gif for Explination