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  1. Not sure if this have been suggested before. My idea how to fix this annoying system, easy, without making us able to hook up grills with water pipes. Basic Cooking: New Crafting Recipe: "Boiled Water" Requires 1 Waterskin/Jar: Crafts 10 "Boling Water" Boling water counts as normal water when crafting. Stacks. Can't drink, Can't remove from crafting station. Can't craft with boling water. Heck maybe even add decay to the boiled water. PS: pretty easy fix, no? And fit the game theme, more then hooking up grills with water pipes.
  2. Kafrom


    CELERY Listed as a cooking herb in offical atlas wiki. Is Celery a cooking herb or vegetable? It have no seeds thus you can't plant it, but when used in cooking, it don't count as a cooking herb but as vegetable. And I thought every vegetable you use in cooking need to be grown in farming to be used in cooking (aka no wild).
  3. Yeah farming is really shit right now, I tried everything, I can't get more then 4, per crop plot, per harvest thats with perfect tilling 3 times doing the minigame with shovel. Both cooking and farming useless now. And to mention, the small and large crop plot, its the same item, but just with different name, Its so shit. FIX ASAP!
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