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  1. Is atlas done ? Servers are empty
  2. Since the server maintenance yesterday, all I get is “could not retrieve address” and can not load in. Any help ??? Ideas ? I’ve tried most things I’ve learned but with the new patch it seems to have gone to shit.
  3. Being a very new player myself, I didn't know about all the great wonders outside of Rookie cove. I built a base, shipyard and spawn point. I am now out exploring the world but I do return to rookie cove to pick up items like seeds (Mostly Wheat) and other things I have found in freeports and sail them over through the portals. Question, is there a place I can purchase items like in Rookie cove ??? Crew, seeds, frilly things lol?
  4. So fairly new player of a couple of weeks. In with one other person who plays older Xbox. If one of us is booted, than the other player is booted shortly after. Taken all the way back to Xbox home screen. When logging back into PVE, loading errors occur as " Player already connected in game"- Time out connection with Host- etc. I love this game, but this is becoming frustrating to the point I am afraid to take my ships out etc for fear I'' get booted and then blown up or sunk.... Any helpful info ??
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