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  1. Tame House is definitely great for storing your animals. But so far, DO NOT breed and allow them to give birth in there! The baby will be a level 1. Imprinting also wont happen (as you're not there to claim and imprint) They won't grow in there either. It's basically a frozen clock for babies. So far.
  2. Thanks bud, but the game as a whole being broken isn't exactly a newsflash. We all know it is what it is right now. I asked a very specific question. About Blackwood.
  3. I'm on single player, and with the exception of Freeport, I've had no issue finding metal.
  4. Does anyone know if the Blackwood map is playable in single player on Xbox? Trying to kill time while the team and Microsoft work through the certificate issues, and wanted to give Blackwood a look as I've never played that one. I've tried logging in a few times now, and keep getting dashboarded after 5 or 6 seconds of running around. Just wondering if it's a Blackwood/Single Player issue or if it's a Blackwood/Xbox issue...
  5. Has the tiny shipyard been removed? I can't seem to find it. I checked patch notes etc. to see if anything was mentioned, but didn't see anything. Unless I just missed it? I've always loved the raft, used to bomb around on one all the time. I'm trying out Atlas again after a bit of a break and am just trying to find my way back into things as best I can without maps.
  6. Is sailing through a grid wall with a pet on your shoulder still an issue? I know it was broken a while ago, but figured it would have been fixed by now. DH took a parrot to Freeport, but when he went to head home, realized the bird was gone. (He plays in first person, so didn't notice right away it was missing) I've checked all around, traveled both sides of the wall and checked the crew log to see if it had died, but no joy. The parrot has seemingly up and vanished like a fart in the wind.
  7. This has been an issue for several months now with Xbox servers hosted through Nitrado. All maps are blank and beds don't show so fast travel is impossible. Everyone seemed to blame the other company for the problem, but in the end, as you can see, nothing was done to fix the core problems. Ultimately it seems that issues coming from undedicated servers, Xbox players and PvE based game play are of absolutely no concern to the developers or the main companies. The hardcore steam PvP players are alive and well, crushing away, so that's all that matters I guess. After all, the company has already gotten their money for the game from the rest of us, so no further effort seems to be necessary. I love this game. I hadn't really played video games since the Nintendo64 (I know...lol) but Atlas got me back into playing. But I hate what they've done to it this past year or so. So much unnecessary content added causing even more game breaking problems, so little attention to properly addressing real gameplay issues. So much potential wasted. It truly is a shame.
  8. Lol Anyone who takes time off work simply because a game has an update, is not only ridiculous, they deserve whatever fallout occurs. But that's just my opinion.
  9. I have a question about the shoulder pet cat. When I played in 2019, I had a cat land in a fire pit and die, then regenerate with the words "8 lives" under its name. Leading me to believe that the house cat has the proverbial 9 lives in this game. I started playing again recently, and while I was swimming on a horse with the cat on my shoulder, I got a message saying it was killed. It had full health and food, and I wasn't going through a wall, or being attacked or even followed by anything. I've looked many times in and around that exact area, the cat is gone. Is this a random thing? Or did our newest Devs break yet another basic function during one of their updates to "add content and fix things"..?
  10. I hadn't made a raft since the latest update and resulting wipe of the server I play on, so I thought maybe they'd broke that aspect too. So I tried the other day and it worked fine for me. I'm not sure why you can't get it to snap. I would have put the picture on here, but I couldn't figure out how to post it.
  11. I've used a raft with a diving attachment since I started playing. Of course, you lose the ability to haul any significant amount of resources and initially more than 5 companions. But sometimes I prefer it to boats lol It's just so silly but so much fun. You have to place the attachment before putting anything else on your raft. You also may have to pull into deeper water first as I've occasionally found that it won't place if where you're sitting in really shallow. I hope this helps, and happy sailing :-)
  12. I'm playing single person mode, and I can't fast travel to any of my other beds anymore. Which is a bit of a problem as I have animals and crew in other grids. Is this a known problem that is being worked on or am I the only one having this issue?
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