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  1. I play on Xbox Series X and have had some random crashes, but they are still quite rare. I also have a custom-built gaming PC on the way and so will be trying Atlas PC to see if there's much difference in how they look/play.
  2. Yes, the habit of the zombies going back underground is annoying, especially because they return with full health. I have put a lot into the melee damage in my bears (being careful not to neglect the health too). Higher melee means they hit harder, and so do not take so many swipes of their paws to take the zombies down. One thing I have noticed is that swiping with the paws, though higher damage, is slower than biting. So if I have a zombie down to low health and he makes that groaning noise, indicating he is about to go underground, I get the bear to start biting rather than paw swiping. Doesn't always work, but often has done. I was only able to hand-to-hand combat the zombies when I was tackling low level common maps. Anything above common, I use a bear. If I am attempting anything above Journeyman I take 2 to 3 bears. Not tried a mythical one yet.
  3. I find that crossing a grid in a sloop or schooner does not present the problem of NPCs being knocked off from their sail perches. It only seems to happen on the bigger ships (brigs and galleons).
  4. Hi Kummba Thank you for he extremely helpful tip on using the "All Move To" command. I tried it (LB+Down on D-pad) and it works like a charm. The NPC will move to wherever I point the crosshairs at, and the bug of them "following" the centre of the ship does not affect this command.
  5. I too have this issue. I also had NPCs manning sails being removed from their positions when I crossed a grid, though it only seemed to happen on the large ships (brigs and galleons). As you point out, it's easy enough getting the NPC to man a sail near them, but any sails away from the centre of the ship (where they seem to concentrate their following on), it's very difficult. The only way I was able to do it was to jump into the sea, with the NPCs following me (they do follow you off the ship). Then I would swim along the ship until I was under the sail and assign the NPC from there. If I allowed an NPC to follow me back onto the ship, they'd climb aboard and immediately run past me to the centre of the ship. This really is an urgent issue that needs sorting. I experienced this on XBox.
  6. Hi Nacona Thank you for taking the time to reply. I am currently on a schooner, and though the NPCs do not appear to fall off the masts when I cross a grid on this ship, they still seem to want to follow the centre of the ship rather than me when I whistle for them to follow me, even on lowest follow range. Oddly enough the NPCs manning cannons on my brig and galleons remain on their cannons when I cross a grid.
  7. Hi. Since the Trade Winds update, I have been experiencing a rather annoying bug, which is making part of the game quite difficult to play (Xbox Series X). When I sail through a grid border and arrive in the next grid, my NPCs manning the sails are removed from their positions. I find them standing up against the masts. When I go to them and open the command wheel I get no option for them to man any sails. Furthermore, if I whistle for them to follow me, they will run right past me and congregate in the centre of the ship. Furthermore, with the NPCs removed from the sails, I cannot slow or stop the ship. Oddly enough I can whistle for the sails to close, and they do, even though the NPCs are not manning them. However, the ship refuses to stop. I have discovered this work around to stop the ship and to be able to have the man sails command reappear in the command radial wheel. I simply log out and back in again. Now when I approach the NPCs I get the man sails command reappear, and the ship will stop. If the NPC is near an unmanned sail, I can use the man sail command now, and he dutifully will man the sail. However, if there are any sails that are not near the middle of the ship, say the forward-most sails on a galleon, I cannot get the NPC to follow me to that sail, as they refuse to move away from the centre of the ship, even with lowest follow range selected. I have found a work around for this too. If I have the NPC follow me and I jump over the side into the sea, the NPC will follow me. I then swim alongside the ship until I am below the mast I want the NPC to man. I can then face them and get them to man the sail by calling up their man sail command in the radial. If I jump into the sea with a NPC following me, and I then climb back onto the ship with the NPC still following, he too will climb back onboard, but then immediately run to the centre of the ship and remain there. I am wondering if this behaviour has anything to do with the fact that we can now get water creatures to follow the ship. I have found nothing elsewhere that suggests others are experiencing this too. Are there any other players out there with this same bug? I have submitted a report via the reporting system, but unfortunately you never hear back from them, so I have no idea if they received it, if they know of the bug, or if they are working on it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Myrm

    Patch V519.5

    When I click on the official Discord link above, I get taken to the accept invite page. I accept, and nothing happens.
  9. It didn't happen immediately after the update though. I was playing for 2 or 3 hours post-update when the server suddenly went down on my Xbox.
  10. Yes, I am getting the same on a couple of private servers I play on too. I think it's an Atlas or Nitrado issue. Just need to sit tight. I doubt there's anything you can do unless you work for either of them.
  11. Hi, and thank you for the reply. I have been told by somebody in the private server I play on that ocean spray particles do not work on Xbox. It's a shame. Hopefully the devs will show us console paupers some love one day.
  12. Hi I am playing Atlas on Xbox Series X. There is a setting called Ocean Spray Particles which will not stay selected. I have selected the option from within the game, and having closed the open game, going back to the main options screen. Each time I select it I press APPLY and then SAVE, but when I go back to the settings page the option is deactivated again. Is this something other Xboxers are experiencing? Thank you.
  13. No, I don't believe there is a button I need to press. When I talk to my friend I do not need to press any buttons. If I need to call up the text chat box, then I press Left Bumper and the left most black button. This calls up the text box and allows me to type. However, when my company mate types in text chat my text chat box automatically opens. My friend is playing on PC, he does not have an Xbox.
  14. Hi I am playing Atlas on my Xbox. My friend who is in the same company as I is playing on PC. I don't seem to be able to see any chat in the in-game text chat box, other than those in my company. However, my friend is able to see non-company chat. Likewise with voice chat. My company mate and I can chat on voice with no proplems, but when a non-company player uses voice chat I can't hear them. I just see a yellow microphone symbol above their character indicating that they are speaking. Again, my company mate can hear them. At first I thought it might be because the non-company players just happened to be playing on PC, and perhaps I was unable to hear/see their chat as I am on Xbox. But that can't be the issue as my company mate is on PC and I see/hear his chat with no issues. Does anybody have any idea why I am having this issue? Thank you.
  15. Hi I am experienced with Ark, but new to Atlas. I play on Xbox. I am looking for a PvE cluster map that has a decent number of grids/servers to allow plenty of exploring, with a friendly atmosphere. I currently play on one cluster where you are allowed to purchase a whole island with real money and then dictate to others as to if and what they can build on their island. So far I have wanted to build in a nice looking empty spot away from anything other base, but was told I couldn't because the island owner may want to build something there in the future. Or, yes you can build a lighthouse here but you can't turn the light on because it produces lag. This purchasing of islands is just a bit too elitist for me. I understand that there may be rules that prevent others from building a base within render range of another players base, and that I think is perfectly acceptable. So, if you own/play on a friendly PvE cluster where players are free to build where they wish, within reason of course, then please let me know, so that I can take a look and see if it's for me. Thank you.
  16. Elder Scrolls Online does this, and that is what I love about that game. I can play in a huge MMO environment safe in the knowledge that I can play without being griefed. Yet, if I chose to I could enter the dedicated PvP areas of the map.
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