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  1. It crashes after like a split second of being in game... it took 15 times of loading in before it let me play... then again this morning it took like 6 tries... like I said I love the game but boy is that frustrating, and I'm waiting for my laptop to come in cause yea all my pc friends have zero issues with crashes... also found out... some rocks are invisible to console players... go ahead... ask me how I found out....
  2. so, I was able to play earlier today, but now all of the sudden it will either say connection timed out or ill hear the initial noise of the anchor dropping in water, etc... then it crashes me to xbox home screen... ive tried doing the clear cache reseting my router, all that nonsense... is this just normal? Do I have to keep trying til it works? I'm at try number 11 right now and ready to huck my Xbox out a window... but inknow its just this broken ass game.... its frustrating because its suck a good game and the concept is amazing... but why... why is stuff still be ok ng added to a game that has had the same bugs since initial release.... and worse... now stuff is broken that wasn't broken before... like npcs not following u on a ship... that was never an issue... now I'm just ramble... just curious if I'm alone in this or not
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