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  1. uhm yes i did, i have restarted a fully fresh character 3 or 4 times.... my most recent restart was about a month a go...i always start fresh after a long break....
  2. you are playing the game wrong mate, lawless is exactly as the name implies, lawless, no protection, if people want to just randomly raid nobodys the 1st place they go is lawless. just go and settle on someone land and if you want to avoid tax go to a lawless grid to farm resources, also as a solo player be ready to take some shit, you are a easy target to begin with... if you think somone stealing ur ship over night is bad....boy you still have some dickery to experience lol.....
  3. dont worry the server will inevitbly be wiped again, also i have started fresh countless times (i play on pc and always use a controller, because i find a controller more comfortable to play with)...it really isnt hard at all to get to a decent level...
  4. Craftable static turrets with variable sizes, so for example a 10 cannon turret a 20 cannon turret a 30 cannon turret...each turret has a ammo box and each cannon on the turret costs the same amount as a npc on a turret....yeah that would shure be nice
  5. Hi all i would like to share a couple of my ideas for atlas. i will probably update my post from time to time because i always enjoy dreaming up how i would "improve" a game... - freeport housing - it would be a cool feature if there was a static/pre-built (placeable) house building (+/- 2x2 foundation size) , with built in interior for example a storage box a smithy and a bed (possibly have a couple of variations) can only place one per player. A rent system, a special storage box that has a gold cap and can only hold gold, for example it can hold a max of 10 gold and costs 1 gold per day, paying this rent would prevent decay in safe ports. The idea is to have a bit more social interaction in safe ports, as well as give people the option to have a little bit of safe storage somewhere. - freeport safedocking (ship rent box)- what if there was a "rent box" that can prevent decay in freeports for a hefty fee in gold, the bigger the ship the more expensive, for every ship your company owns with a rent box will multiply the cost of rent by a certain factor to prevent people spamming the freeport. rented spots should expire after a certain amount time of use (i would say 24h), there should obviously be a cap in place as to how much ships can use the rented docking per freeport server tile. if the server is at cap you can still enter but your rent box will not pay rent and your ship will rapid decay. i would go as far as to say there should also be a limit as to how often you can safedock in the same server...so lets say you safedock somewhere you have to wait 48 hours untill you can safedock in that same server tile again... - freeport minigames - for example a bar with a place to play poker, blackjack and craps to win or lose some gold against other players. - Pawn shops - currently can only sell stuff in a shop for gold, would be very nice if we could also buy stuff from people. So i could list that i want 500 of any wood type and pay 50 gold per stack untill i run out of gold. Or perhaps have the option to request a very specific type of wood or whatever resource or item you want... - Crew workstations - for example there is a wood chopping workbench that holds up to X amount of npc and they will gather wood within a certain radius, but they will actually physically walk around so protection is needed. - static/pre-built buildings - i like building in this game, but sometimes i wish i could just plop down a base and move on with other things...maybe it would be something thats a bit too game changing i dont know but i thought about it and figured why not just throw the idea out there...some pre built building would be very welcome imo, some examples: safeport player home, base with empty interior in variable sizes, animal pens in variable sizes, animal traps, defenses to defend docks. -freeport bounty board- would be pretty neat if there was a way to put up player bounty and it would require a beheading to complete. so its not just a simple kill and get reward, you have to bring the head and whoever put up the bounty will get the head in exchange for gold as a trophy lol. - daily missions/quests - npc('s) (with multiple quests that vary in difficulty) give you a daily quest at the safe ports, doesnt have to be anything super complex, you could just be handed a special treasure map, or a task like find and kill 3 alpha bears, take down x amount of ghost ships, take down hydra, bring a certain resource that requires you to travel, it could reward gold, blueprints, or maybe even a hefty chunk of xp for your boat or yourself/party - world events - world bosses out at sea and at land with big rewards that only spawn in to the world every so often.
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