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  1. Ok but dont you think xbox players should have an option to disable crossplay? I dont really like the forced crossplay and you should definitely have an option to disable crossplay at the very least. It's an absolute advantage to play on pc against console players and it may not be as much an advantage compared to say a first person shooter. It's impossible to fight off the chinese mega companies. So I'm sure you can understand why xbox players might not want to play with pc players. And it's just another option what could go wrong?
  2. Even if they do inevitably wipe servers, PC has a huge advantage over consoles on everything, on PC you have a mouse and keyboard and better hardware to run atlas so while I'm trying to swipe at somebody with a sword at 3 fps they're at 60 or even if it's just 30 it's way better than the xbox. I'm not saying to remove crossplay but just suggesting they add another xbox non crossplay server if players wish to only play with other xbox players. :)
  3. I just started playing on xbox and I'm sure that most people can agree with me that for the brand new xbox players coming in, it's really hard to go against lv 100+ players and dozens of galleons and mega companies. So I think it would be a good idea to make another server for xbox only even if it's only half of the map or even a quarter of the map just with all the zones (equatorial, temperate, etc).
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