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  1. Regular Xbox One might not have enough juice to run this game. I'm on Xbox One X and it stutters while things are loading in at startup or when passing by a large settlement. For the most part, runs great on X, aside from a few freeze crashes now and then
  2. I haven't had this problem. Is it possible you were trying to log in while an update was downloading? Maybe slow internet or bad router setup? Only problem I've had is if I leave the login screen on and switch inputs to watch Netflix or whatever, then I switch back, I can't log in. I have to quit to home screen, restart, then log in works.
  3. Starting a war is actually not very piratey. Just sayin. I'm new myself, and also played alot of Ark. I've been playing PVE, but from what I've read, it sounds like they did a better job with PVP. The land owner has to set a 9 hr window when they can do PVP. You can set it to a time when you can be home to defend. Not sure exactly how it works. PVE has been fun though. More like being a sailor during the pirate Era. And there's treasure maps. That's kina piratey
  4. Thanks for clarifying the tax. That's kinda cool. I'm not trying to say PC has any advantage other than a head start. (Although I'm not sure about point+click shooting VS thumbstick aiming...) I'm only suggesting the option to chose crossplay for those Xboxers that think they want to be landlords. As it stands, the chance to own land on Xbox is pretty slim.
  5. Ah, it will let me reply now... See EDIT above. ... This also means that no Xbox players will ever be in the top 10 companies and never receive the rewards tied to that.
  6. Have you looked at the PVE map Grapeshot? It's only been a week and the only islands available to claim are frozen tundra where no beginning character can servive. I'd be willing to bet that every claimed island is owned by PC players. They already have large groups established, giving them a monopoly... So as a new Xbox player, your only choice is to join a PC owned company or pay tax to a PC owned company. In Atlas, PC players ARE the master race and that hurts my sensitive Xbox feelings. It's great that console players with PC buddies have the option to play with their friends, but for those of us that don't have PC buddies, we're kinda getting hornswoggled. This is my push to get 4 more non-cross-play Xbox minority race main servers. Please make this happen while I can still resist joining Trump2020 Company. EDIT: To the PC players-- I'm not trying to offend. My only real complaint is that in the current situation, Xbox players don't have the ability to own land. Thanks for clarifying the tax thing. That's not so bad. The way PVE works is not very clear.
  7. It's not an advantage when all your opponents also have 10 pound bikes. Its the devs job to keep the playing field level. When one nut Lance got busted for cheating, all his achievements and titles were stripped. Essentially, his game was wiped. Cheaters always ruin it for everyone
  8. I just bought this game on Xbox. I am aware that it is in early access and am glad to be able to play a buggy yet playable game at a discounted price. I am also aware that my hours of gameplay could get wiped at any time. That's the risk I took when I bought a game in early access. If you want to blame someone for the wipe, blame the players that insist that the only way to play is to find all the exploits and cheat their way to the top. From what I've read, the wipe had to be done. Too many companies had gotten too big by using exploits GS has recently patched. I wish we lived in a world where games were played the way the were meant to be played, and nerfs didn't exist... but we don't because, trolls. Sadly, developers spend more time trying to save their game from those that chose to play like assholes than fixing broken features. That's just the world we live in.
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