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  1. Can I remind everyone that this game is still in early access and feedback, no matter the scale/priority should be welcomed, not tossed to the ground by the gatekeeping community members. I’ve seen many a post where people have used this platform to give the feedback the developers want (because it’s early access) only to be told that it’s not important. You complain about how stale and buggy this game is yet you don’t want it fixed, you just want a forum of a game you can complain about regardless.
  2. “Oh look an inexperienced player refers to items of clothing differently to what the game calls it, let belittle them”
  3. It’s clear the forums aren’t the place to attract returning or new players to the game. It’s clear you want to remain salty bitches in an overcooked stew pot.
  4. I run a Nitrado server and have the same issue. I’ve asked for more of my community to confirm but it’s a growing census of the same problem. Edit: it would seem the treasure map bug for crashing to dash has moved over to load up. It’s that spaghetti coding again.
  5. You’ve gone up a notch in my book. You’re on notch 1
  6. Click on the link and you’ll find it or would you prefer I screenshot the image so it’s less believable?
  7. He’s moved down in rank now though: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/4345290
  8. Yep https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/500664-a-message-from-the-founders/ The #2 most played tester on their Genesis map is Jat...
  9. Probably from a lack of donations from people complaining how corrupt the host is whilst simultaneously never paying in to keep the running costs going. Jokes aside. P2W servers exist and there is nothing wrong with that nor are they against ToC’s because that only applies to official. My only issue with P2W is if there is no mention of it in its advertisement/info page because then any legitimate criticism of it is fair. Fortunately with Nitrado, I can switch over to another game on that same server if the player count gets too low so not to completely waste money.
  10. Don’t like it, don’t play on that server. It’s not rocket science. Everyone who joins knows what experience they are getting so something being unfair is not an issue because they are choosing to play. Are you suggesting that the people joining these server are as stupid as the people on this thread criticising server donations on a private server?
  11. I don’t expect donations, that’s not the issue here. It’s people crying about server hosts having the audacity to ask for them. Nothing wrong with being a freeloader but to criticise a server host that asks for donations to help pay for the running costs, is just toxic.
  12. As someone who’s spent over £1200 on Nitrado over the last couple years, it’s comments like yours that show how entitled people are. It’s fucking expensive to host but we should just get a better paying job not expecting a penny from donations, right? We’re not forcing people to pay as its their choice to play but fuck us for having the audacity trying to get help paying for the whole experience.
  13. That’s exactly the kind of response I would expect from a shill. When your game crashes to the dashboard for an action you perform in game, that’s literally game breaking. If we all followed your rule of not giving feedback during an early access game and not reporting bugs, there wouldn’t be a game to play. Now scuttle along shill.
  14. Shills have a habit of victim blaming. Imaging calling someone a troll because they are trying to highlight a game braking issue instead of using a workaround?
  15. Each server makes up a grid, so if you want a 2x2, you’ll need 4 separate servers. Unlike Ark, Atlas doesn’t have cross-ark, instead the servers merge together to form grids. You start with a home server, then every other server must be an extension server to add to the grid. If you only want a single server, that’s fine because you can adjust the home server settings to no longer limit the XP and level cap. Also, every server can be heavily customised, so you can add a lot of islands in yourself. If like me, you want a fuller experience without the effort, you’ll need to run the Blackwood map (comes with a lot of flaws mind you) as it doesn’t run as a normal grid, and is a standalone server that is approximately the size of 3 normal servers.
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