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  1. Blackwood is gorgeous! But my biggest gripe is metal nodes. They are always on the tops of mountains, so it makes it hard or impossible to use animals to haul lots of metal back to your ship. It seems 9 times out of 10 you have to grappling hook up there, and obviously a bear or elephant can't follow you up there in order to carry your metals back. Also, it seems I can only ever find tin veins. Is there any copper nodes or other metals?
  2. Edit: Go figure, as soon as I posted this, I saw 4 ships of the damned. However, the spawn rates seem a lot lower than they used to be. I used to see them all the time as soon as I left the coast an of island. Now I get lucky if I see a handful in the middle of the ocean ====== When I first started this new single player run-through on Blackwood, everything worked fine. A few days later, I noticed there were no longer any ships of the damned.
  3. I've actually seen one. ONE. Since it started happening. But you're right, I did notice a drastic decrease in spawns. Very strange.
  4. If you put a treasure map on your hotbar and activate the item to "view" the treasure map, your client crashes. What's weird is it didn't do this until recently. This happens on two different computers with completely different hardware. Note: Simply having a treasure map on your hotbar is safe. But activating the map to "zoom in" and look at it causes the crash. Map: Blackwood Link to picture of crash report: https://imgur.com/a/eCHtR25
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