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  1. Bitroaster

    Captain's Log 36: Dev Livestream!

    Dear Erik, Decay has to go. Away with any building and ship decay or I will stay away. Find a better solution. (wipes to trash the userbase ain't a solution, btw.) But now when I think about it. Don't get me even started what you have to make better to get me back. If I can get through to you and give you an idea of how to "Make ATLAS the ultimate pirate experience." : Look at what made the Games like Sid Meier's Pirates! or Ascarons Port Royale2 great. Look what keeps other MMORPs like Eve,LOTRO alive. Give us some protected vaults, banks, ship/commodity/landclaim auctions. Taverns, Wenches(client-settings conan like) Now get PVP under control with a faction/crimestat system like Privateer or Freelancer and you are mostly done. GUYS! Just imagine a UE4 Engine driven Pirates! with all the above Features. That's your ultimate Pirate experience. If you are true to your statement you do exactly what I told you, and success will follow. If you are mostly ignorant as the other devs mostly are, do your thing, micromanage vitamins, tame stupid lizards, grind buildings to dust in days, procedure generate quests, I don't care anymore. godspeed
  2. Bitroaster

    Decay Timer Issue ?

    The whole decay madness bores me beyond life. I stopped playing for now until they replace decay by something smarter. like an abandoning system without deleting structures or ships without warning.
  3. Bitroaster

    Render distance: redux

    Ridiculous render distances. My 1080ti all but idles on max settings while whole fleets and cities pop up a stone throw ahead. On top of that render distance of objects seen through telescope differs from what can be seen with bare eyes. So you can't see a light tower through scopes that is already visible without scopes. Just give us a ludicrous plaid render mode for the mentally challenged. We can deal with the hardware specs, thank you very much.
  4. Bitroaster

    Unable to Name Ship

    Time and again players demand this. The reaction you got was the very best yet. I don't think they want to change this. however sad that might be.
  5. Bitroaster

    Bola'd means bola'd

    Thank you my honorable Sir TrevorJD. I couldn't have said it more "toneful" without getting meself kickbanned. Bola'd means bola'd for sure. As in nailed down, fixated, hamstrung, hobbled, chained, tied down, locked. I have never heard about a horse, or ANY animal at all being tamed by 1. beating it to near death, 2. temporarily binding it with a brittle bola, 3. then feeding it for some time, 4. releasing it, rinse, repeat. So if the Bolas are meant to be temporarily by design what we need after the initial bola is a more permanent tool to fixate it. so that after it gets up again, it enters a "peaceful taming state" like with sheep or chicken. e.g. for predators / horses depending on required taming level: LVL 1: Muzzle and shackles/Leash made out of string, hemp, fibers LVL2: muzzle/shackles/leash made out of leather LVL3: iron/steel/mythos What happened to good ol' lassos anyway? A guy with a rope tied to an elephant should be able to catch and hold a horse with a nooze dangit!
  6. Bitroaster

    ship removed from company!!!

    I tried that today. Now hoping the best....
  7. Bitroaster

    ship removed from company!!!

    just found out that i lost 2 ships. I checked on the ships and animals 2 days ago. one i didn't board because there were no animals and crew on board the other I did board. still it was removed from company. @Jatheish can someone please clarify what the desired behavior is? what needs to be done to keep ships from being removed? I have a wife and 3 kids. AKA a real life. My buddy is off to his honeymoon, so our company has little maintenance for some weeks now. If this nonsense doesn't end I surely will stop wasting my time. we've been playing since day one. And I was really laid back with your bugs. but kicking me in the face because I can't play every day is really begging for it. At least give us the rules so that we don't waste life.
  8. Bitroaster

    Bad Framerate afther update's

    I finally figured something out for me and my 1080ti. I noticed that each time i start the game the Aorus Engine crashes down and while doing so reverting the settings to silent mode. in silent mode the card rather slows down than wind up the fans, resulting in bad framerates. Restarting the aorus engine while the game is running sets the card back to gaming mode, keeping the framerate up even when getting hotter. Fans start working. HOWEVER, when I reinstall the drivers after each patch the framerate is excellent, even in silent mode. So my conclusion is that somehow after each patch the load on the GPU is increased. Taking into account what NLMAFFIE just said I suspect the patch to apply some non-standard setting that increases GPU load unnecessarily.
  9. Bitroaster

    Handling and Weight sails angles

    Yes please.
  10. Bitroaster

    Sunk destroyed without any reason

    2 days ago we were sailing in deep water under clear skies when our schooner started taking heavy damage out of thin air. It told me there were planks missing and the hull was filling up with water. But all the planks were there, no visible damage. Planks had 4950/5000 hp or even 5k/5k. We barely made it to shore and anchored. As soon as anchor was dropped the damage went away and the ship recovered by itself. Maybe this is related? Happened on EU PVE.
  11. Bitroaster

    Bad Framerate afther update's

    Problem persistent. After each patch FPS go down to 10-35 and after each driver reinstall recover up to 40-70. Verified multiple times (last V104.78) with i7-4790K 32GB RAM GIGABYTE AORUS GTX 1080 Ti
  12. Bitroaster

    Infinite Black screen

    As a former helpdesk and 1st & 2nd level support my hardcoded synapses force me to ask these questions(forgive me): - did you try to turn it off and on again? (I hate to be asking this, I swear) - all cables connected the way they should be? (no creativity encouraged here) - no dog chewing on the cords somewhere? (believe me - I've seen it all) - graphics driver newest version ? reinstall after patching atlas highly recommended (I am successfully using 430.39 for my Nvida, reinstalling after each patch ) - notebook user ? try the display switch (external/extend/ clone) options. - hit it with a big enough hammer (might try showing the tools of the inquisition to the insurgent first) - pray (to be granted a touch of his noodly appendage) (pinch of salt included)
  13. Network: EU PVE, EU PVP - i guess all others, too Grid: any / global Description of issue: Character age mismatches ingame-day counter by a factor close to 42 times the correct value based on a 365 day/year Any screenshots or video demonstrating the bug: see below Repro steps if available/applicable: play the game for some ingame-days check number of days against character age in years e.g. after 827 ingame-days the character has aged up to 95 Years and looks like it My take: nice idea but configuration of the aging feature is way beyond any reasonable value. I don't see ANY benefit from present settings. It's just a nuisance. It really bothers me to see the character age to a wrinkly over this very short time. please reduce aging to acceptable values until you implemented the added content that you have planned. I wouldn't mind after 827 ingame-days a character had aged up to 5 years. Still off by factor 2 but as it is now one can literally grow old by waiting for his crops to grow. Or link the rapid aging to dying. 1 or 2 years penalty for each death maybe. If you think the rejuvenation quest is such a boon to the game it still would suffice to make it available to all players and call it the "whatever elixir that grants some buffs for a time quest" as long as you're not age-feature-complete. It's a bit too tough for a team of two, btw. Can I have a portable gatling gun maybe ?(just kidding). Thanks for the good work! You do a great job giving us this world. Nevermind the impatient youngsters. good things take time. take yours.
  14. Yikes! Hopefully there will be an flabbergasting amount of bugsquashing in upcoming may mega patchismo... One can but hope