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  1. Bitroaster

    Handling and Weight sails angles

    Yes please.
  2. Bitroaster

    Sunk destroyed without any reason

    2 days ago we were sailing in deep water under clear skies when our schooner started taking heavy damage out of thin air. It told me there were planks missing and the hull was filling up with water. But all the planks were there, no visible damage. Planks had 4950/5000 hp or even 5k/5k. We barely made it to shore and anchored. As soon as anchor was dropped the damage went away and the ship recovered by itself. Maybe this is related? Happened on EU PVE.
  3. Bitroaster

    Bad Framerate afther update's

    Problem persistent. After each patch FPS go down to 10-35 and after each driver reinstall recover up to 40-70. Verified multiple times (last V104.78) with i7-4790K 32GB RAM GIGABYTE AORUS GTX 1080 Ti
  4. Bitroaster

    Infinite Black screen

    As a former helpdesk and 1st & 2nd level support my hardcoded synapses force me to ask these questions(forgive me): - did you try to turn it off and on again? (I hate to be asking this, I swear) - all cables connected the way they should be? (no creativity encouraged here) - no dog chewing on the cords somewhere? (believe me - I've seen it all) - graphics driver newest version ? reinstall after patching atlas highly recommended (I am successfully using 430.39 for my Nvida, reinstalling after each patch ) - notebook user ? try the display switch (external/extend/ clone) options. - hit it with a big enough hammer (might try showing the tools of the inquisition to the insurgent first) - pray (to be granted a touch of his noodly appendage) (pinch of salt included)
  5. Network: EU PVE, EU PVP - i guess all others, too Grid: any / global Description of issue: Character age mismatches ingame-day counter by a factor close to 42 times the correct value based on a 365 day/year Any screenshots or video demonstrating the bug: see below Repro steps if available/applicable: play the game for some ingame-days check number of days against character age in years e.g. after 827 ingame-days the character has aged up to 95 Years and looks like it My take: nice idea but configuration of the aging feature is way beyond any reasonable value. I don't see ANY benefit from present settings. It's just a nuisance. It really bothers me to see the character age to a wrinkly over this very short time. please reduce aging to acceptable values until you implemented the added content that you have planned. I wouldn't mind after 827 ingame-days a character had aged up to 5 years. Still off by factor 2 but as it is now one can literally grow old by waiting for his crops to grow. Or link the rapid aging to dying. 1 or 2 years penalty for each death maybe. If you think the rejuvenation quest is such a boon to the game it still would suffice to make it available to all players and call it the "whatever elixir that grants some buffs for a time quest" as long as you're not age-feature-complete. It's a bit too tough for a team of two, btw. Can I have a portable gatling gun maybe ?(just kidding). Thanks for the good work! You do a great job giving us this world. Nevermind the impatient youngsters. good things take time. take yours.
  6. Yikes! Hopefully there will be an flabbergasting amount of bugsquashing in upcoming may mega patchismo... One can but hope
  7. Bitroaster

    Unable to craft Smithy

    Teleport to another bed fixes it too. Confirmed.
  8. Bitroaster

    FIX ship throwing you OUTBOARD!

    You get thrown out if u logout on ship or if u jump close to aft wall, both only if ship moves. Happened to me 2 days ago.
  9. Bitroaster

    Bad Framerate afther update's

    Same with 1070 and 1080ti. Thanks for the workaround with driver reinstall. Before 15-30fps , 2560x1440 res scaled. after driver reinstall 60-70 fps on 3440x1440 full features epic ludicrous with cherry on top!!!
  10. Bitroaster

    "Rename Ship" Option Broken

    Thanks for clarifying. But you surely agree that "the further adventures of the brigantine Seadddddsssswwwwwwjisaaaargh231" sounds a bit off? Please at least consider the possibility of adding a ships register building or NPC to freeports. Also the logbook that you mentioned could track name changes. Voilá both parties happy.
  11. Bitroaster

    FIX ship throwing you OUTBOARD!

    I feel your pain mate. If I had a piece of gold for every time i was jettisoned.... Had I spent so much time on that ship and crew - I would be gone for good until they fix it. Luckily I never sail into battle alone. So my mate can evade the SotD while I try to get onboard again.
  12. Bitroaster

    EU PVE - Can't place cannon as non owner

    Oh. I see. Thought that its mandatory. I'll Have a chat then. We're on good terms. The message on the screen was "can't place outside of combat time" or such. Since combat never comes on PVE i assumed a bug. Scratch this then. And sorry.
  13. Am i the only one that thinks we should be able to place cannons as non settlement owners? We can't destroy player structures anyway. But we need to defend from wildlife. Just yesterday i had to battle an alpha croc with bow and spear for an hour because i couldnt place a cannon that i had in stock. Please enable cannon placement for non settlement owners.
  14. Bitroaster

    "Rename Ship" Option Broken

    Please fix. If you expect exploits limit the rename option to a low single digit value or make it necessary to do it in freeport. Heck you could even set up a Ships Register building in Freeports. where a pathfinder can query all ships actual and former names(for a fee). on top of that maybe sell, buy, rent player ships. That would add a great immersion feature.
  15. Fixed Climbing Picks sometimes sending the player off into infinity. Fixed Treasure Maps generating locations stuck in the world. Will not effect existing Treasure Maps.