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  1. Well, point taken. But it would be enough to make ships within an owned claim invulnerable. So no FOB and no grief. I think problems are mostly about and around offline aggressions.
  2. Pvp if done right is fun. glory, fame and fortune in battle to be won. Take on an worthy opponent, win or loose. Arrh!! Offline raiding ain't pvp. Its just breaking things. Like dumb kids do. KOS of noobs=there is no honor in slaughter. Man up or play dumb. All up to you.
  3. Thank's for the invite. been there, done that. not my game, though.
  4. Yeah, you're probably right. not worth the legal mumbo jumbo. better start from scratch.
  5. He's right. People are like that. With no rules enforced, man turns to beast. There's nothing preventing wipes or hyperagressive playstiles. There is no real story and after some weeks you have done all there is to do. Now kids stand around, max level, mythic gear, and plenty of time. So its kill on sight and wiping whatever pops up. They're bored. and sadly that is the game after some time, just boring. And on top of that even if you don't get wiped by players you still get wiped by decay if you don't visit your stuff regularly. Only because they don't find a proper property management and can't solve abandonment. Even gold decays(just muse on this:"decaying gold") or ships. All gone in 2 weeks off. This game needs working devs and caring admins or it will die.
  6. @SeroJSorry if i upset you. I played roughly 200 hrs before the wipe on pvp. After the wipe had maybe 50 on pvp both official and private, and another 100 on pve. Take it or leave it. Don't get me wrong, i like the game. I'm just not ok with how bugs or misconcepts are dealt with by the devs. I might also have a completely different approach and understanding of respect and communication than most contributors in this forum. I feel insulted by your use of language. I might be wrong in your opinion. However it's how i feel about the issue. My char was literally dying by cold with unusable fur coat in hand, standing in an enclosed cabin on a ship with a grill blazing and the temperature still at -8°C, while the crew mounting guns n sails sat happily around in their underwear watching the icebergs float by. Made me feel dumb. I played rpgs for roughly 30 years now. Starting with DSA, ad&d, shadowrun, stormbringer,elric on paper. Ultima1-9,UO, baldurs gate, neverwinter and a countless number of others. I know that no sane mage would EQUIP plate. But he would WEAR it to survive cold if GM allowed and agreed. And just because its a gear granting special abilities its still a coatlike garment. Like it or not. You may of course question my credibility, you may not, however, insult me. I did not lie. I just told you something that you don't agree with. That is all.
  7. I wonder if we should start a fundraising campaign to buy the game.... Hand it over to some competent team that listens to the players and gets things done. I wonder how much the greedy bunch needs to let go atlas...
  8. @Pain painYeah! I guess you're right. There is still a lot to do here. The Buglist seems endless. I just randomly picked the next two things coming my way after one year of absence. The aging is a nice feature, but totally overdone. Why not sync it to ingame day/night cycles? I think doing the FOY Quest once a year is enough. However there aren't too many quests yet. I think I wouldn't have bothered if I wasn't so desperately looking for a proper pirate game. Atlas has such potential in my eyes. If there only were enough devs assigned. Just imagine, Sid Meyers "Pirates!" meeting Ascarons "Port Royale", player built and run cities, add the player driven economy with ingame auctions like in LOTRO. Maybe a faction system like in "Freelancer" or "Privateer" . Add taverns, wenches, more ships, less Ark, arrh ..oh just let me dream.....
  9. Exactly my point. Now we're getting there. As I said earlier. While those restrictions (class/race/lvl) should apply for all the fighting related abilities and specs. Every gamemaster I know would consent that one can use the gear for environmental protection purposes without gaining the AC, THAC0, reg, etc. In case of an lvl 1 mage using metal plated fur armor, it would nullify his ability to cast spells or even prevent movement faster than a crawl due to weight but he could put it on regardless to keep him from freezing. For me these so called survival games are most fun if they give you the opportunity to use logic to survive. Obviously people here mostly think different. At least you seem to agree on the heating/fire bug.
  10. I think I need to explain the purpose of this thread. While I am happy that there are still supporting players trying to give advice and positive critics this wasn't a cry for help. It's not that I don't understand skill trees. I know those beginning from the days as RPGs were still played by pen and paper. It's not that I don't know how to play and survive atlas from scratch to levels 50+ I tried to communicate on the two examples how this game, EA or not, is still lacking the basics of fun gameplay. I like games that work. If I do some perfectly logical things and end up with a illogical result, It's a bug. conceptually or codewise. If I can save myself from cold with a tiny little pile of burning sticks aka "campfire" BUT i can't keep me warm in a ships cabin with a blazing heart that radiates light throughout the ship but NO WARMTH, its a bug. period. Same goes for dying of cold with a full set of fur clothes in my hands(mythic or not) that I cannot put on because I don't know how to USE/create the garment. I don't demand +30% mumbojumbo on each stat and whatnot the armor offers if properly put to service by the GM Tailor. I expect cover against cold. thats all. How many of you guys sitting before the screens reading this are expert tailors? can you craft the t-shirts and sneakers you wear ? Yes it's a game. yes it's got its own rules. but games ought to be fun. It's no fun doing the right thing and getting treated as if it was wrong. How many of you think"its great, I cannot use a grill to keep me warm. a campfire on a ships planks it is!!" and "hey awesome it's a coat for the tailor-GM only, that's far too complicated to put on" ? Cold + coat + fire = warm. that's it. basics. And yes its Early access. meaning it's still in development. meaning it's playable, the basics are in place, content and bugfixes ensue. I'm ok with that. I was only looking for a place to file these bugs, so that they can be fixed. @Jerryn Thanks for answering the real question. @Percieval you never got it.
  11. what gave me away? was it the title of the topic "Coming back after one year.." ?! dang. got me there. @SeroJ if it doesn't kill you. can you answer the question for this poor noob idiot. where did the PC Bug forum go ?
  12. While i fully understand the rage and hate aimed at the noob idiot(300hrs ingame,lvl 52 on public, thx)-after all the toxic community is here from day one- i didnt ask for advice how to survive.i was really asking a question, though. Where did the PC Bug forum go? Thx for sharing insights anyway. Naturally the trolls hate everything. I really loved this game for a long time and i hope it gets on track eventually. @Muppetish appreciated @Cap’n Ro thx. I said coat by purpose. Of course it was a mythic piece of fur armor. But my point is. Even while i should be denied the special armor buffs until i have the skill.it should still double as a plain coat against the cold for everyone. In my eyes a concept flaw/bug.
  13. You are, of course right. I never played atlas before and i don't know what a skill tree or even a fireplace is. I am idiot after all. My apologies for wasting your time. I wasnt adressing thee thou.
  14. Hello again, after one year absence from Atlas I decided to give it another go. I joined a non-dedicated server of a friend. I died within minutes because of these 2 Bugs: 1. It was freezing cold. He gave me a coat. I couldn't wear it because it needed some expertise skill !?! come on! needing a skill to wear a coat? I understand that u need some knowledge to craft it. But for only wearing it against the cold ? Get real people. Everyone can wear a coat no matter his ability to craft one. 2. Then I was standing next to a blazing grill. Still dying of cold. Obviously the Grill doesn't radiate any warmth at all. A campfire does. Not a good start. I think you guys need another year to cover even the basics. And another one: get the aging sorted. Sync it to the actual ingame day/night cycle. aging 90 years in 30 days is just ridiculous. Please. This game could be the great cash cow you crave so much, if you just cared to fix it. Where did the PC-Bug forum go? btw.
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