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    In terms of fish. There are fish around some of the islands. But frankly who wants to be slashing away underwater when Sharks pitch up to the party. Best way we've found is head to Kings Arena, tame yourself a ton of kitty cats and get them hunting fish for you. You'd be surprised how much fish they can provide. Make sure you've a ready supply of salt for preserving
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    Thank you so much for your advice my hubby and I will have a go at that and see if we get the pitter patter of flappy paws an upgrade to our lion cooker sounds like fun. Many thanks
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    I wouldn't mind playing pvp but I've been offline raided enough for it to be a waste of time. Fighting is one thing, having your base raided while you sleep is for chukiki's. No thanks. Pve is overrun with people and pvp needs to be downsized due to lack of players playing? From what I'm hearing, the devs are catering to the minority? No wonder this game is upside-down. The game needs to combine pve and pvp aspects into one game. Having both available. Having to pass through pvp area's to get resources or something to that effect. Not necessarily forcing pve players to combat, but rather, "if you want the good stuff" you'll have to run the gauntlet. That's real pirating. Pirates derived from stealing cargo from ships. If you want to transport resources, you run the risk of pirates stealing your shipment. The series "black sails" gives a good portrayal of how it was. Pirates weren't murdering psychopaths. They made a business of stealing and selling cargo. Buried treasure was hiding gold from others. A pirates bank or cash in the mattress. There is a solution to the pvp vs pve discussion. Devs need to get creative. We can all agree that offline raiding fits neither in pvp nor pve. That is a trolls survival tool. You know who I'm referring to.
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    In that case, I hope they never reduce server or map size. Besides, what makes this game is it's size. What will it take for you to currently not post in forum?
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    the important point is that you play on blackwood. Even blackwood is a official map it was developed by only one person(no Grape Shot team member) and had several bugs. It was never finished so biomes and temperature etc may not work as intended [...] you will not find any fish on that map...
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    @ScarlettSwagger Details Regular Map (Maelstrom) Tundra PvE Breeding Area (Top Floor) 1. Two story (4 walls high) w vaulted ceilings. Top floor was breed area. Also I suggest building it 2-3 foundations above ground level so snakes can't glitch through the wall. Quick and dirty way is to make all inner foundations thatch and wrap it in wood. Stone IS NOT necessary. 2. One tile in from the outer wall I placed wooden doorframes on 3 sides of the 2nd floor. 3. Between the outer wall and inner perimeter doorframes I placed as many campfires as i could fit 4. I left enough room on the entry wall for a preservation bag w ice, a water barrel and large storage box for saddles and various crap. 5. Used a small gate w ramps for entry. Whole breeding area was about 8x6 tiles, maybe? Plus about 8x6 for the conga line outside. 6. I was able to place the stud in the middle w a female on each side and breed 2 at a time. As my stable of female lions grew (~20) I would line them up towards the entry in a conga line and rotate until i got to the first one impregnated. This resulted in ~2 births every 3-5 minutes to give ample sorting time. *** Very Important Bottom Floor *** 1. Raised the floor 2 foundations using foundations in the center, ceiling tiles on the edge and added half stairs. 2. Crawled around and spread ~6 campfires AROUND THE CENTER DIRECTLY UNDER the mating area. I usually only needed the center 4 or so. Leave space to crawl between to light them and refill. 3. When built correctly the campfires from the bottom floor will be ~touching the bottom of the second floor. In real life it would burn down , but, in Atlas the heat from the campfires underneath radiates safely to the 2nd floor breeding area. Few pro tips A. However much raw meat you think you'll need, triple it. B. Park Bears away from the feeding troughs or they'll eat the meat for the maturing lions. C. Lots of ice and preserving bags D. I used salted meat in the feed troughs since it lasts 8 times longer than raw. E. If your doing this for resale most buyers will want tigers for the swipe and bleed. F. Don't freak out about the hot and cold icons above the new borns, just check their HPs, usually they'll be fine when you get practice. At night the temperature drops so I would often get cold icons but they rarely lost more than 2HPs out of 35 and immediately healed when the temperature returned to normal. G. Once I had my litter sorted i drug them to the corner and usually operated w 4 1st floor campfires and ~7 2nd story fires. H. Don't forget to disable wandering, follow, actiivate ignore group whistles and set them to passive. I. Occasionally, in addition to all the aforementioned campfires, I had to use ~8 torches on a switch, placed on the doorframes, to get breeding to occur. Cold front maybe? Final thing, this system is 2+months old. Good luck.
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    I have read many times how the focus is on pvp and I am kind of curious why Jat? This didn't work with ARK and it isn't working with Atlas. Whilst there is and can be some fun pvp times the strength of ARK and I would say Atlas too is within their pve. Sea of Thieves does pvp and it does it well and it's steam concurrency is around 11,000. Atlas has no chance of competing with Sea of Thieves and struggles to surpass 2000 concurrent players. Whilst ARK, even during this very dry slump between expansions, easily sits above 50,000. My feedback/suggestion is Atlas should for sure keep pvp in mind and make it have a strong/stronger place within Atlas but I truly feel Atlas could flourish much more if the pve aspects were embraced and expanded upon much as ARK did.
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