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  1. X series seems to be the only xbox that is unaffected by the update that came out around the 17th. I have series s and x and the s doesn't work on large islands anymore. Cross your fingers. Complain. I have same issue. Don't know what to tell you. I think it's a push from Microsoft to get people to buy x series. my guess is xbox live network issue. These devs are slow at fixing things so good luck.
  2. Fixed or created issue with xbox connection loss with servers? Before update i didn't any have issues, where now I do. Seriously, can you undo what whatever you did? It's so much worse.
  3. Demoed a claim bouy and received no island points back. Fix that bug.
  4. Demoed a 7 point claim tower and received 3 points. Please look into and fix. Thanx.
  5. Bugs are still killing this game for me. Everything they add just adds more bugs. I have warehouses disappearing, farms disappearing, tames disappearing, structures disappearing, and receiving 3 of 7 Island points when demoing claim towers. On top of that I have afk ships anchored in my claim radius that have been there since shortly after the last wipe. I'm on pve server so I can't get rid of them nor put shipyards down because of them. I've spent the majority of my time chasing my tail in this game due to bugs. But we can put hats on rabbits. Another bug is in the trade markets where game crashes if you edit a trade that has none of that material in warehouse along with having 100+ ships trading with another player yet no trades being made.
  6. Modular ships? Why? They're worthless. Nobody asked for or wants them. Yet, keep making this game worse. This game used to be great. Now it's overly complicated for no apparent reason. Adding more crap. Don't fix anything that's broken. Just keep adding more broken crap. Thanks. Half of the problem of this game are the bugs. People are losing hours of play over bugs. For me farm and warehouse placement has been a huge issue on top of randomly losing everything within these dumb troll tools of claim towers. The player base is toxic because of the "directions" the devs are taking. I've lost faith in this game and my interest is fading fast. There are soooo many better games out there and coming out. These devs need to stop adding anything and fix bugs to hold on to the little that is left.
  7. Lost yet another farm trying to replace it with a quarry seeing how farms don't collect everything and you need to swap them out to fulfill your needs. It is blue yet when placed says there is another one or 2 in the area. This game is really starting to piss me off! Fix your fucking game devs!!!! I feel like I'm walking on eggshells with this damn game! How else can or will this game fuck me over next! This game is a waste of time. It used to be fun, now it's turned into a pain in the ass!
  8. I think you hit the nail on the head. I don't understand why they won't fix the bugs. It's only going to make it harder in the future to pinpoint what's causing other bugs. I don't have faith in them knowing how? Keep adding things until the knowhow comes back and fixes things? What are they waiting for? It's only going to get messier, the more you stack on a rickety foundation. I feels like we're nosediving with no pilot.
  9. After hot fix I lost 2 bases, 3 farms, and some other structures including warehouses and markets. Tried rebuilding in same spots and I cannot. The distances between farming structures is glitched and incoherent depending on which island you're on. Some islands are fine. Others are a mess. Had issues with placing warehouses before wipe, and found changing my company name allowed me placement. But you have to be outside grid, and after change grace period. I've lost unnamed tames. I have troubles fast traveling to unnamed beds. I've posted about the name thing being a bug but devs don't read or care. I warned about adding broken stuff to broken stuff, but unheard again. I don't know how to move forward in this game when my bases are in disarray and unfixable. On the verge of throwing in the towel on this game. I spend alot of time doing something just to have it disappear. Fix the playability of this game before adding anything else. The current state of this game is a hot mess. It is the worst it has ever been. All the old bugs exist and now there is 2x more bugs. Why aren't the bugs getting fixed? Why are we adding more bugs? It's as if on purpose. Makes no logical sense whatsoever.
  10. Same with warehouses. Tried moving it. Shows blue but won't allow placement. So tried to place back in exact spot i demoed and can't place back. I'm afraid of moving anything anymore. Just lost an entire base randomly in last couple of days. A claimed base. Had it for a week or so then one day all gone. Claim towers are still there but no base. Lost a couple of farms randomly also at the same time on other islands. What is going on?
  11. So it's so purposely vague on how the island points get used up when placing claim towers. I have demoed and replaced so many I can't keep track of how it scales up. First 4 are 4 points, next 4 are 5 points, next 4 are 6 points and so on? If that's what it is something is wrong because my points don't add up. I've tried to find a definitive answer to the points scale with no luck. The patch notes say the first is 4 points and scales up to AROUND 8. What does that even mean?! Does someone know exactly how it scales?
  12. I think he's "special". Anybody else would logically stop if they saw posts of this nature. This dude just posts more. But he is toxic and should go. You have my vote.
  13. I found a pre-built stone cliff platform in a sunken treasure chest. I placed it and placed a warehouse and market on it. Was fine for about 10 days and it disappeared along with everything on it. It was placed next to claim tower, which is still there and I was there within 12 hrs of it disappearing. I really think there is an issue with naming things, tames, beds, ships etc. Because it wasn't built by someone and doesn't have a name tied to it, I feel that is the reason for it's disappearance. Alot of gold and resources up in smoke. Please look into and fix please. There are some exploits tied to the naming thing also so there is something going on with naming things. Also warehouses show up blue when placing, but when placed a message says it's unable to be placed due to another one in the area even though I'm on the other side of the island to the one it's referring to. About 2 to 3 claim tower radius away. It has the radius to that of before update. Also saw 3 gathering modules in 1 claim tower radius. Wtf is the deal with that! 2 of them were almost touching each other! Fix the playability of game before adding more broken stuff!
  14. I think you can only have 4 connected at a time. I've never had more than 4 so I can't say for sure.
  15. Motor


    I'm curious if bps for farms fixes the sad state of them gathering jack shit. I'm super salty about this farm situation. Fibers and fruit? Really!!? A stone farm house is an over priced outhouse!
  16. Motor


    Mines only collect metal from metal nodes not from rocks.
  17. Farmhouses are worthless. They only collect fibers and fruit. Mines are worthless unless you find a metal node. Won't collect metal from stones. Haven't even wasted my time building any other gathering modules. I can gather everything by hand more efficiently. Why? Who thinks this is a step forward? Now I'm a caveman beating on rocks for hours. Unbelievable. What's the point of the stone farm house? I'm baffled. I didn't know the farm houses were broken, but they are now.
  18. Announcing an update time before they're ready is not surprising. They don't even take themselves seriously. This game is a circus show. How can you take interest in a game that the devs don't even have faith in. This is just a hot mess. I find it comical and saddening at the same time. Like a clown with a frown.
  19. Banking on this game is bad business. Do they really need to come out and say how incompetent they are for everyone to realize it. Look at their track record. Taking off of work is flat out dumb. The decision to take off work is on whoever made that decision, not the devs. If you didn't see this coming you're blind. My bet is on 4 hours from now, if they don't find any major problems. But, I'm most likely wrong. Likely scenario is they'll post the time of new update in 4 hours.
  20. Just to make you aware, was talking to my Russian friend at work today, which frequently flies to Moscow, and it will be 1:00 am. I checked to make sure. Just an fyi.
  21. Yeah, wipe at 7:00. Actually being able to get on and play, that time will be who knows when. So we'll all be twiddling our thumbs in intense anticipation for god knows how long. Grab a beer and get comfortable.
  22. Have you ever played crossout? It has ALOT of money coming in. It has turned into a pay to win and that's why I've moved away from it. There is monthly subscriptions, battle passes, car packs. I'm not going to argue with you about it. You need to reevaluate who's fucked in the head.
  23. I agree with keeping the animals to their native climates makes sense. The razor tooth or whatever it's called does seem out of place. Same with the fire elementals. The golden age islands for the most part are all right but there is one island in particular that is like an ant farm of random creatures that could be fixed. I think it's the nw island in e5. Some sort of uniformity or organization would give the game a better "worldly" feel. Right now, in some places, it feels like someone shit a bunch of animals in their hand and threw it at the game.
  24. Imo they could have a game sooner than later if they would focus on getting the game to work properly instead of adding more and more broken shit. Get the game running smoothly, then work on balancing the current things, then add things a little at a time. Adding broken things on top of broken things is just making a mess of the game. Spending time putting hats on animals is a slap in the face when people are losing things to stupid broken aspects of playability. The game crossout started with nothing, but was playable throughout the growing process. Now, they have so much money coming in that they have an army adding things to the game. There is new content every other month. Make it playable and the rest will come. A steady efficient progression wins the race.
  25. (Official pve) Unless they do something with h11 monopoly on twigs, I sure as hell would rather use a giraffe to collect them than by hand. Or you can buy them at 250g per 1000 from lotus and mess around with setting that up. Maybe you can fill me in on a way to trade with them via market trade. Or "renting" one of their farms. On 5x harvesting I friggin load up! Point being there is a time and a place for tames. There is an economy based on tames and breeding. I've interacted with more people due to tames than any other element in the game. Taking that away is taking a pillar of the game out. This game is huge and has depth. There is so many things to figure out and utilize in this game. To be short sighted and want to only sail around and shoot things from your ship seems elementary to me. Don't get me wrong, it's a pay off from hard work but to have the best stuff to do that with, you need to utilize the tools provided in the game and tames being one of them. How quickly can you get to the ocean floor on the back of a crab? Almost instantly. If you're freezing, jump on a wolf. If your over heating, jump on an ostrich. Instead of beating on rocks like a cave man, do it in style with a rhino. Gathering and moving materials without tames just makes the game more simple and more of a tedious grind. Tames bring a whole other large element to the game. Why wouldn't you want them in the game? Its more enjoyable collecting materials imo than fn around with that damn market. I have 10 collecting and trading and funneling materials to a central base and I spend more time turning on farms and traveling to them so they don't decay and messing with trades than just playing the game. I'm losing more and more interest in the game messing with them because it has turned into a job. Tames are fun and useful. Bottom line. More so than these dumb pre-made ships. Leave the tames, lose the pre-made ships imo!
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