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suggestion Allow stealing ships in open waters

What do you think about the idea?  

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  1. 1. What do you think about the idea?

    • Love it, please implement now!
    • I don't really care, there are other things that are more important.
    • No way! That would be the worst!

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Posted (edited)

I am missing one key aspect of the pirate fantasy and that is stealing ships. Of course it would suck to come online and your ships are not only destroyed but even worse, they are stolen.

So here is my idea:

Every ship is claimable like it is now but with one change.
If the ship is not anchored, the further away it is from any coastline the less time is required to claim a ship.
So from the current default time of several hours down to 1 hour minimum if in open waters.
If a claim occurs in open water the default of 1 hour is increased/decreased by +-10% for every crew member the defending group differs from the attacker.
The moment a claim flag is placed on a ship it can't be scuttled and parts cannot be demolished.

For example:
If the defending ship has 5 crew member (npc, tame or player) and the attackers get on board with 5 members aswell it is evened out and the claim time will be 1 hour.
If the attackers have 6 members on board. The claim time is reduced by 10%.
(Of course the numbers are just an example more or less might be better/worse)

So what does that mean?

Finally we can board enemy ships and steal them. It would require a lot of skill and strategy.
This would open up new strategies and possibilities for PvP and Roleplay.
Your ships would still be safe in your harbor because of the insane amount of claim time.
I have never seen a ship without crew in open waters. So it would bring a new aspect to PvP. Not only stealing a ship. But what about stealing it back? 😄
I would love to board enemy ships, fight on the deck, kill the crew to get an advantage over the other crew.
If this is a viable strategy, it could change PvP fights.
Would love to see rope shots for ballistas to actually attach your ship to the opponents (but that might be too much)

So what do you guys think?


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Posted (edited)

Another thought!

This would actually make the piracy ability usefull in the first place. Because you can reduce the claim time by a few seconds every 30 seconds or so. But you have to be on the ship to activate. With the long claim times nobody would stand 4- 6 hours on a ship to use this mechanic. But if you are on the sea and fighting anyway you can make good use of this as it is right now.

PS.: Don't forget to upvote if you want this discussed by more people 🙂 thx

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nice ideia. But it will require a lot of work to be implemented. I would love to see sea fights change or add more stuff when you sailing. Because most of the time you just look around doing none. BUT tbh I prefer that they focus on upcoming update and fix alerdy know  stuff, then work out on sea thingy. None the less it importance. 


Nice suggestion cheers buddy

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Posted (edited)

Decent idea, would at least allow us to claim ships.

However I sort of think the whole claiming system could be fixed by just allowing you to sail the ship away. 

Plus youd have epic chases and sea battles over it. 

Lol you already saw my suggestion too!

Still have to say either one of these would be a massive improvement

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