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Captain's Log #34: Wild Pirate Encampments, Non Dedicated Mode, and More!

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Hm...I might actually come back to the game when this launches. That 6 shot revolver looks yummy and having human npcs to fight will really spice PVE servers up. Fighting sotd is cool and all but not very "piratey". Pirates plundered cargo ships and traders, transforming these same captured ships into war vessels to then plunder some more. Very rarely did a pirate and his crew actually battle against a ship already designed and fitted for war(in game the equivalent being sotd). Having human ship npcs to fight wont fix this dilemma completely, but will atleast allow me to further my pirate fantasies ingame to a higher extent.

Hopefully they add cargo/trader ships as potential human npc ships to raid. Something sorta like the shipwrecks, but instead of dead and lifeless(and at the bottom of the ocean), they would be alive and moving on the ocean surface waiting to be plundered like the helpless rats they are hehe. This would be perfect for mat farming. One thing I hated about Atlas since launch was having to sail 10 regions over just to get that regions material and then having to sail 10 regions back just to bring that material back to base. This idea would ease that misery to an extent and make the ocean much more lively with players. Could even have these said helpless cargo ships being escorted by npc warships, and in order to get to it -  to plunder - you have to take out its escorts first. So many things grapeshot could do to make this game much more enjoyable on the open seas. I can totally see players on the pve servers temporarily grouping up with random players, or swarming the ocean with their companies to take on these "cargo fleets". And it would definitely give us solo players another reason to play with other players, even if for a brief moment. You only see this kind of team play with ships when fighting the kraken. Something not everyone has done yet especially if they are solo players. This idea would open more oppurtunities for players to experience that kind of team play.

They could even take a whole different route of content in the form of exploration with reward. Something like exploring caves or shipwrecks for aesthetics. Something like placeable objects we could put around our bases(furniture, artwork etc etc). This would add a nice flavorable twist to the game allowing us to enjoy the game from a different gameplay perspective. Killing animals, aotd and mythical creatures can get boring and repetitive afterall. Also something like this would open a whole lot of doorways to further implement story and lore into the game. 

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On 7/18/2019 at 11:52 AM, Elena said:

"We’re excited to reveal to you a new system we’ve been working on, which will be released for Single Player, Non-Dedicated Multiplayer (more on that later!), Unofficial Dedicated Servers (optional), and potentially expanded onto the Official Networks in the future. "

Please please please pretty please expand it to Officila Network. There is simply nothing to do after you defeat all the bosses. The Game is dying...
I wouldn't mind them, pirates, spawn on our inhabited islands, It may look like simple camp-large camp-fortified camp-fortress or smth but PLEASE bring us challange. We still want to play as a tribe on official servers but it is boring. 

I second this request. I have been playing ATLAS since the early access launch and suffered through the server wipe and was forced to farm and rebuild/re-tame everything back and STILL, the game gets boring at a certain point since there is literally nothing to do in the late game (UNLESS YOU HAVE A LARGE COMPANY TO BOSS/DUNGEON FIGHT).

Please for the love of ATLAS, implement AI humanoids that will liven up the game as they toil to gather their own resources, hunt the wilderness, build up their own bases and naval fleets, and eventually declare war on other Playing Characters.


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Does anyone know if they have or plan to actually get this working on dedicated servers as all the info i can find at the moment still suggests it doesnt but doesnt seem to be mentioned hear? Just about to start a new server and dont want to find out a week later i have to wipe to implement something suposedly implemented months ago?

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Before they push WPE out to official servers they need to fix it!


This crap HAS GOT TO STOP! There were at least 8 encampments spawned into that one spot. 

Issues I have found so far:

  • when you discover the island the first time, WPE's will spawn in and you can easily (depending on the site) take the camp.
  • if you log out OR leave the island and come back, the WPE camp will spawn in multiple times. I have see upwards of 8 identical camps spawned right in the same place. Thankfully, only the buildings and items double/triple spawn. The pirates do not. So, you can capture the base, but you can't get to rewards because of the other structures blocking. 
  • Pirates on a cannon/puckle/balista can't be hurt until knocked off, Destroy the weapon, or run up and slash them with a sword. Otherwise they'll just stand there hoping you get in front of them.
  • Pirates have deadly aim. A WPE near the water will shoot cannon at your ship... correction at YOU on the ship. The ship is collateral.
  • WPE ships are glitching in that even though they take lots of damage and even look like they're missing planks but their health bar remains full (until you disengage and come back). I don't know if the health bar is the ship or the lone crewman at the wheel. you either have to pummel the ship to nothing or kill that one guy
  • It seems to me the camps spawn in as one whole item. If the terrain is flat, perfect, but if there is any kind of hill, terrible, half the camp goes under ground. Pirates and building and everything.
  • I think that's everything I've seen or had issue with

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i think wild pirates should have different classes and tone down the level!

the normal pirates in game can be called "pirate sailors" they can uses bow's , knuckles , cutlass , and flint locks 

the heavy's can only use  Maces and shields with cutlasses

and the classes of them

Pirate Bomber: they wear cloth armor and they have a bandolier around there chest with bombs on it! they will throw oil jars and bombs but if you shot it they go bomb!

Pirate Ravager: they spawn with Leather armor but have cloth caps and they can have nearly any weapon but they are rare!

Pirate Archer: these guys uses bows and crossbows and wear fur armor  

Pirate Medic: they don't attack but they heal their allies 

Pirate Captain: these guys use Two flint locks or two cutlasses and they are very strong and they bost there allies  nearby.  but if you kill them the crew becomes weaker 


and sometimes they will attack your base!

also the damned could have some 

Damned sailor: weak but goes in high number (they act like zombies)

Damned Bomber: these guys are the same but they can throw potion jars to kill you. and bombs!

Damned Demolisher: they look like skeletons with a bandolier of bombs and hold a explosive barrel and if they get to close anything near him will be gone. but if you shot it they also go bomb!

Damned Reavers: they uses any weapon in the book!

Damned Necromancers: these guys look like skeleton ghost and they float (yes you can kill them) they can revive dead damned and can heal them and they like to shock you with electricity (it only hurts you) and he can summon skeletons that are Level 1 to attack you!

Damned animals/pirates/pathfinder's: this is a idea but if they attack you you get a effect called "cures of the damned" all this dose is when you , your tame , buddy or even a random animal or pirate will turn into a damned. they they act like a there normal self but they fight for the damned!

Damned Guard Gole: these weak flying demons will fly around and act like leather wings and will attack and pick you up! but they are weak.

Damned captain: these guys look like zombie captains and they boost nearby allies.

Damned Beast: these monsters look like a giant mound of bodys and legs and a squid like look with large mouth with thousands of teeth! one tentacle is wrapped like a club and will hit you! the other is electrical and will zap you! but if you shoot its mouth or back it takes 3x damage! and drop an nice bit of loot. also they are rare!


also the damned can have bases on land and at the bottom of the sea 


and they will also attack your base!

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Any idea as to when the wild pirate encampments will be available for unofficial dedicated servers?

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as asked before.  I'm very interested in knowing if and when these pirate encampments will be available on unoffical dedicated servers for Xbox

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