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  1. Hm...I might actually come back to the game when this launches. That 6 shot revolver looks yummy and having human npcs to fight will really spice PVE servers up. Fighting sotd is cool and all but not very "piratey". Pirates plundered cargo ships and traders, transforming these same captured ships into war vessels to then plunder some more. Very rarely did a pirate and his crew actually battle against a ship already designed and fitted for war(in game the equivalent being sotd). Having human ship npcs to fight wont fix this dilemma completely, but will atleast allow me to further my pirate fantasies ingame to a higher extent. Hopefully they add cargo/trader ships as potential human npc ships to raid. Something sorta like the shipwrecks, but instead of dead and lifeless(and at the bottom of the ocean), they would be alive and moving on the ocean surface waiting to be plundered like the helpless rats they are hehe. This would be perfect for mat farming. One thing I hated about Atlas since launch was having to sail 10 regions over just to get that regions material and then having to sail 10 regions back just to bring that material back to base. This idea would ease that misery to an extent and make the ocean much more lively with players. Could even have these said helpless cargo ships being escorted by npc warships, and in order to get to it - to plunder - you have to take out its escorts first. So many things grapeshot could do to make this game much more enjoyable on the open seas. I can totally see players on the pve servers temporarily grouping up with random players, or swarming the ocean with their companies to take on these "cargo fleets". And it would definitely give us solo players another reason to play with other players, even if for a brief moment. You only see this kind of team play with ships when fighting the kraken. Something not everyone has done yet especially if they are solo players. This idea would open more oppurtunities for players to experience that kind of team play. They could even take a whole different route of content in the form of exploration with reward. Something like exploring caves or shipwrecks for aesthetics. Something like placeable objects we could put around our bases(furniture, artwork etc etc). This would add a nice flavorable twist to the game allowing us to enjoy the game from a different gameplay perspective. Killing animals, aotd and mythical creatures can get boring and repetitive afterall. Also something like this would open a whole lot of doorways to further implement story and lore into the game.
  2. I can't believe this game is not dead on arrival after all the bs players go through on a day to day basis ingame. So the server crashed, I finally log back on and what do I see? My brigantine, something I built just YESTERDAY is missing 4 planks and sinking. Over 10 hours put into that brig, and it sinks because of this... My guess is I must of hit shallows or stray rocks before the crash? Because when my ship finally sunk I saw rocks hidden beneath the crashing waves virtually impossible to see. This is absolutely rediculus. Over 10 hours....And just like that its gone. What a complete waste of my weekend.....And its not just this. The other day I had a pet wolf onboard my schooner. Omw back to base I got shot at by some sotd. My wolf decided to leap into the water. It died to a LEVEL 2 MANTA RAY(LOLOLOLOL) before I could find it. This game is extremely punishing in the most TECHNICAL ways. Its not hard because its difficult. Its hard because its broken and not fleshed out in any way. Instead of working on core game design that is virtually killing the game, they add a submarine that no one will get unless they kill the kraken. I can't do it anymore. Just like everyone else I waited for this stupid "mega patch" to be released and nothing has changed. All the technical bs that players experienced are still being experienced. I submitted a ticket, but I seriously doubt grapeshot will ressurect my brigantine from the depths... My girlfriend wanted to leave state and go to miami this weekend cause of 3 day weekend. But I decided to stay home and play atlas. Finally finished making a brig FOR THE FIRST TIME...And this happens....All that time and work....Complete waste of time....I'm going to get my brig back, or I'm done playing this game. The anger it causes, the punishing aspects of it, its all not worth the time and money for it. Back when I was just a brat was the last time I ever let a game upset me this much. Its childish and I cant believe I let this game bring that side of me out. I should of quit a long time ago. But I gave grapeshot the benefit of the doubt in hopes they would improve the gaming experience.... I suggest you postpone on content updates like a stupid submarine no one wants, an under sea civilation and cosmetics. Work on your core game design. Technical aspects like unseeable shallows, buggy pets, clunky combat and that garbage vitamin system literally noone likes or thinks is a good idea.
  3. xMidnightxWolf

    Whats up with these governance settings?

    Its really unnecessary to even have governance settings. In a game like Conan Exiles, its kept simple yet effective. If you're not that player, you can't access the structures that player created. All that needs to be done is change how access works for each individual player. If that player doesn't want people accessing their things, they can set it like that. If they want comrades like guildies able to access it but no outsiders, they can set it like that. These governance settings are unnecessarily too complicated. Imo "ownership" shouldn't even be a thing in the game. I created it, therefore only I can access it. If I decide, you can access it too. Its really as simple as this.^ Nothing more needs to be of it. The structures have enough protection. We have pin codes and we can lock certain things. Ships cant be sunk from weight anymore because you will be forced to kill yourself if you hop on someone elses boat. So with all that being understood, why in gods green earth do these devs decide to leave the governance setting feature in and continue to leave out ships? And more importantly, why are governance settings even a thing? Like I said, it really seems unnecessary...I'm not an admin in my company. Therefore I cant make changes to my ship even though its my ship. I have to wait for an admin or the leader to come make the changes for me. This all really discourages me from even being in a company...Its not a big deal that my stuff now belongs to the company. Because I trust them and I trust that they wont ever screw me over like they examples I stated in my post. But still, none of that vaporizes the negative thought that my stuff no longer belongs to me even though I put in the work to create them...
  4. So from my understanding, a GM told me that you can make your ship personally owned by tweaking your governance settings. Did I misread him/her or is this true? Just to be sure I tested it out. I set my governance settings all to personally owned and then joined a company. I built a shipyard and a schooner. Then I left the company. Sure enough, the shipyard remained in my ownership. The schooner however, remained in the companies ownership. Am I missing something? Or is this just how its designed to be? I'm not perfect, I have my flaws. One of those flaws being trust issues(If you could even call that a flaw in todays society). I want to be in a guild, but I don't wanna be forced to lose ownership of the things that I spend most of my time creating on this game just to have friends to play with. Who's to say my company leader one day decides "You know what, F this guy I don't want him in my company anymore" or "I'm tired of companies, I wanna play by myself" and then boots me? What then? I'm doomed to be a landlubber until I manage to gather thousands upon thousands of resources again to build a new ship thats what... Why? Because for some odd reason ships aren't included in the structures section of the governance settings. But the golden question is: WHY!? Ships and the whole naval shmick is like 75% of this games content. You cant progress unless you tame the waves of the sea. And you cant do that unless you have a ship. I could care less about losing a base. But a ship is more important than a base. I just really dont understand why ships arent in the governance settings it makes absolutely no sense at all no matter how look at it...
  5. xMidnightxWolf

    The Music of Atlas

    So this music is amazing. I especially like the battle music out at sea. Is there a way to dl this music or buy an ost somewhere on the web???
  6. So this is a problem that will continue to be a problem until mechanically changed. Specifically with flight npcs. My suggestion is that you change it to where npcs have their own dedicated routes that they follow while spawned. This will prevent them from just randomly running into an object and then glitching in that object. This would also prevent flight npcs from flying into player built structures and glitching out. My ship almost sunk because it was miraculously over crew limit. Come to find out, a bird flew in and got stuck onboard my ship. If I wasn't online at the time, my ship probably would of sunk and I would of logged on screaming "Wtf wheres my ship!?".
  7. xMidnightxWolf

    Ship Bugging Out

    Whenever I try to raise the anchor on my ship, the "raise Anchor" sequence is abnormally long and then my ship just goes stiff and won't move or anything. It just stays in place as if the anchor was still down.
  8. xMidnightxWolf

    Pet Parrot Is Bugging Out

    Yesterday I had to log out ontop of a mountain because my ship would go over crew limit when I would get aboard it(My ship is where I normally log out, my base isn't safe enough). I log in today and now my pet bugs out. It will follow me finely enough, but whenever I try to pick it up it will sit on my shoulder and then go stiff in that shoulder sit stance and start floating in the place I was at when I move away from it. While its stiff like this it won't let me access its inventory and double hitting the F key to throw it off your person doesn't work. The only way I've found that gets the pet out of that stiff shoulder sit stance is by either logging out and back in, or dieing.
  9. xMidnightxWolf

    Lost access to my ship!?!?

    Please tell me these devs aren't seriously letting this issue ride without addressing it...I have been companyless for awhile but I recently joined a buddies company, and lost access to my ship. Neither me nor him can climb up its ladder. Put in a ticket but everyone is telling me the ship is gone and nothing will be done about this. I put way too many hours into making that ship and even then some more fitting it with guns and crew. Most of my crafters and all my inventory were on it so now I'm pretty much left with nothing because of poorly implemented broken grouping mechanics. This games future will be grim and short if they let crap like this exist without doing anything about it. This is why I try to steer clear of early access games. They're just an excuse for companies to milk a game before its even out of the fetus cause they fear they wont make enough profit come official release.Has this ever happened to anyone and the devs DID fix it for you? Or are they literally just letting this bs ride out doing nothing about it?