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    Naval Battle with The Late Shift!

    Ahoy Pathfinders!

    Catching this epic Naval battle with the Late Shift on Twitch put the wind in our sails and inspired us to put together this video of the collated highlights to share with you. 

    Keep a weather eye open for more grand scale PvP as we continue to work on ATLAS and improve the game, with major server performance gains and new features coming soon!

    If you'd like to check out the full battle from the various perspectives, you can check them out here:

    Pirate Captain, BurkeBlack (https://twitter.com/0BurkeBlack0):

    Modern Day Knight, Fairlight Excalibur (https://twitter.com/FairlightEx):

    Bikiest Biker, BikeMan (https://twitter.com/BikeManStream):

    In other news, we also released major v11 today, a bit earlier than expected due to the need to resolve some critical game exploits which you may have seen being abused over some livestreams earlier today. We know how detrimental these can be, and we'll be keeping a lookout from the crow's nest to patch this out as soon as they arise! 

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    and we still have alpha's spawning in our base tearing it up from the inside on PvE...  That is if we can get near our base for the sheer amount of crocks and giant snakes?

    In PvE, all they had to do to win a sea battle, would be to get onboard... and sink it with stone 🙂  I guess all in the pipeline.  


    Good vid though!

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    On 1/12/2019 at 3:35 AM, Johnson McGee said:

    well then pls fix the ship sinking issue on pve servers....

    Aye.  Someone methodically took out 4 ships in our harbor, presumably with this 'sploit.  I just ended up moving to a private server.


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    The PvP looks amazing, I wish I had time to indulge, but I don't.

    I was enjoying the PvE, logging on a couple days after work during the week, then getting a couple solid sessions in on the weekends; but now that's gone.

    Fix ship sinking exploit please.

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    Wonder if they'll do a feature with the late, late shift, where it's just dozens of ships being walked onto by overweight players

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    the fix would be to void the ships weight when either anchored or stationary. the 1000 people could get on without sinking it

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