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  1. Nice 30 FPS gameplay HAHA But epic fight tho
  2. What why ? Why do we need the Alphas ? they give literally no XP, you waste so many resources on them and you get NOTHING from them. They should put them out of the game and fix the Animations of the other Animals.
  3. Why do we need this shitty Alphas anyway ? Is there a Story behind it ? like did they got shit out by some Dev's that have been on them islands ages ago or something ? because to me they make no sense what so ever besides killing progress that the player makes. I want to play a Pirate/Ship game and not Ark 2.0 where i fucking grind 10h and after 1h my progress is gone. If you cant Program something you shoud leave it outside the game !
  4. I am dying to cold while next to a campfire in a FREEPORT region. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT DEVS ? I am neither wet or to far from the campfire. it is 2°C Please guys get out of you 22°C Office and learn you can survive easy at dry temperature at 2°C FIX THAT SHIT
  5. Yeah. I see the Dammed ships also as a big Problem. They can go from 1-100 and from 100-0 instantly... Teleport away and then just come back right in front of you. I died to more PvE (Dammed-Ships) then i died to Players. I can see the Point of them being there but for my taste there are waaaay to many of them. Also you cant fight other players if one of the Dammed-Ships is around...
  6. I had it several times now that i put skillpoints in something but didn't had the blueprints under the "Craftting" section.
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