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  1. DGSixKado

    Implement an API for the game

    I really hope that the devs will look into giving us these asap. It would allow us so much flexibility in micromanaging our companies. Not to mention making what we do with our characters during its lifetime. I would also like to suggest giving us the option of what we can share with who ever is asking for it much like eve.
  2. DGSixKado

    PvPers wont let new players on current Isands

    Hopefully in time the community will understand there is a need for a change to themselves more than the devs need to be making swinging changes to try and resolve this issue. I've played thousands of hours in Ark and I always felt as though there was so much missing from the way "most" tribes were structured. I am hopeful that when the Devs overhaul the Company structure they will look to other MMO's and give us something more fitting than 5 roles to try and micro manage 500 folks with. I would love to see a more robust chat system ingame to enable us to be more social with newer players and give them a hand up instead of the finger so many of them get on the daily. Keep your head up dude and reach out through the forums and reddit to try and build some relationships.
  3. DGSixKado

    Chinese sinking our galleon right now

    Language multipack Here use this so you know instead of pointing fingers at innocent players
  4. DGSixKado

    jatheish Letter to Jat.

    I love you so much right now , no homo , I am glad to see this Community taken a proactive approach and explain things such as this to newer players.
  5. DGSixKado

    Too many Mega Tribes ?

    Why is the long term planning up to the devs when this is a sandbox MMO. Your future is yours to make so get out there an build some relationships because you won't survive alone for long.
  6. Yeah and it seems like its always well they do so why don't we .................. because WC isn't doing anything. I'm seeing them ( WC ) do things myself and they have come a long way in my book. Now if we can just help them by taking a stand together so we can actually play this game without all the exploiting to get ahead because the "other" guy did.
  7. I've played with them in Ark as well myself in the past. You and I both know its not only just the Chinese that support cheaters is the point I'm trying to drive home. There have been many other cultures involved with many exploits and cheats through the years of WildCards games. I just wonder when the community will draw a line in the sand and take a stand against it
  8. I've really tried to stay out of this conversation on many platforms and today I am going to post just what I think. Seriously people how shallow are you to only say its one country's people who are actively cheating or abusing unintended mechanics. In my gaming history I've played with just about every country this world has to offer and all of them taught me something about their culture. None of it was abusing unintended mechanics or cheating in any way shape form or fashion. This is not the way to create a narrative to unite against a common foe in my book. I've lead many "Campaigns" in MMO video games in my past and never has it been racially driven because at the end of the day those of us who are "Adults" were taught better. This statement is bogus, racially driven and for the lot of you grow up.Find another way to build a "CAMPAIGN" against a common foe other than throwing one country under the bus. I have played with many people from China in my lifetime, learned a little mandarin in the process and created my own MOMO for their fleets when I have the time to fly with them.
  9. DGSixKado

    Too many Mega Tribes ?

    That was my point that it was the poster child for success. This post was about too many "Megas" and no "place" for the smaller Companies. A simple contract system to purchase boats would be an opportunity for smaller folks to make a decent buck and not just be another stone farmer. Lord knows that just capping one takes forever currently and not something I would want to do on a regular basis. No what I'm asking for is more mechanics to safe guard new players so we don't have yet another Ark on our hands where seal clubbing is a norm. Eve too made a huge change after 15 years because player retention was at an all time low. I would love to see zones where players could rebound from a wipe to come play again. Atlas has I guess we could refer to it as a mission system. The power stones, which need a change , treasure maps, whale hunting and exploration are all time sinks to gain either XP and or Gold. I don't know where you are going with this because Ark isn't an MMO in any way and Atlas is far different.
  10. DGSixKado

    Naval Battle with The Late Shift!

    Great video !!!! This gets my blood pumping !
  11. DGSixKado

    Too many Mega Tribes ?

    You're wrong on so many levels I could post a novel but instead ill just cut this short. Eve is the poster child for a sandbox MMO and what could eventually happen to Atlas. However because so many WildCard followers came from Ark with the coined terms such as Mega this or Alpha that. It really makes it difficult to show folks there is another Meta to structure your Companies or Alliances that are much more successful than throwing 500-1000 nerds in one channel and hope to control the chaos. This game requires you to develop some people skills and make friends instead of just smashing everyone in your way or expecting folks to just be your stone slave for a spot to live. Just take a look at how fast most of the streamer crews are unraveling currently because once again there is no structure to be an effective fighting force for some of them. Capping companies won't solve anything neither will capping Alliances because at the end of the day most of us are human and will work together for our survival. I hope to see this game have a vibrant economy where folks can build us things because that's what they enjoy doing on their own terms. There is plenty of room for smaller companies we just need some more tools ingame so we can be a lot more social.
  12. DGSixKado

    forbid foundation spamming

    Interesting fact is that this game requires some travel to get resources and its nice to have to travel to other places to get the things you need. If you don't like folks foundation spamming then how come you just don't blow it up instead of wanting all these swinging changes.
  13. DGSixKado

    Jat's Musings: Patch v10

    @Jatheish I want to say thank you from me and my Company for all the hard work that you and the team are providing this awesome game. Keep communicating with us nerds and this game will be one of the best games on the market in no time. ( honestly it already is in my eyes )
  14. DGSixKado

    LIghthouse Ideas

    Hello Mates, I've spent the last 8 years playing EvE Online and dabbling in Ark along the way because I thought playing with dinos would be a hoot. Then along came atlas and the ability to move across a multitude of servers with hundreds of players to conquer lands. I have set my sights on this game because I felt like it took two of my favorite games and meshed them together. I really like this game and I see that we had been given a lighthouse which is nothing more than a resource blocker in its current state with a ton of HP. Could the devs make it where we could use it like a FOB instead. I know I keep bringing up that I played EvE and drawing a comparison to it but hear me out. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/949596687986882179/D6AF33053793B24A3D524D716FF025090A9A04F6/ This is one of the largest structures that an Alliance can deploy as a forward staging point to assault or defend from with loads of HP. What if we could use the lighthouses just like this instead of tossing down some Ark-like structures that even the smallest cannon can smash easily. I mean no disrespect to Ark players because I did love that game and some of the community but I would love to see this game take a different approach than what we were given in Ark. Edited 12/31/08 Could this be moved to suggestion