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  1. I am intrigued as to the direction the Dev team is going and what they have planned. Along those lines, a recommendation: With what we have been shown so far, the new Trade system needs a Market. In order to have a Market, you need a Warehouse. For those companies that weren't/aren't able to place a Warehouse, it means they can't participate in the Trade system. There are a few companies that have spammed islands with Warehouses prohibiting others from placing Warehouses. While this is ok in PVP as you have the opportunity to destroy somebody's Warehouse and replace it with yours, that option isn't available in PVE. I would recommend, similar to the Silo, limiting the number of Farms and Warehouses that can be built on an island. While I know PVE isn't the focus, it would be nice if some consideration could be made for the PVE gameplay mechanics. As of now, there will be those players unable to participate in the new Trade system; making all of this work pretty much worthless to those players. Right now, in PVE, warehouses and farmhouses are abused by toxic players and/or large companies. It will only get exacerbated with the Trade system. It would be appreciated if GG would help to limit toxic behavior through game mechanics since we, on PVE, can't.
  2. I agree that it should be one per company per island. Just like silos. I have already run into farmhouse and warehouse spam on a lawless island. One company went around and put warehouses down next to other people's bases.
  3. A company member lost a Legendary+ battle brig yesterday. Everything on it was either legendary or mythic. Including a full suite of cannons. It had been a week since he was on it/weighed anchor. Yesterday- poof. With all the work he put into building that ship, all the resources he had to gather from across the world, all that time spend sailing,. I doubt he is going to play anymore. Makes me not want to put any actually time or effort into getting the better stuff. Why make a better ship if it just disappears one day? But if I'm not trying for the end game/best tier stuff, then why play? While I understand there are a lot of things to do (breeding, building, maps, SotD), it kind of defeats the purpose of having a PIRATE game when nobody wants to build better PIRATE ships.
  4. OBE. Post deleted.
  5. cheat TP D5 140166 -122987 8722 NA PVE Server This happened sometime in the last three hours - between 1100 and 1415 Eastern time today. Several other spots disappearing in the same area. Blue lines show where there are supposed to be triangle ceilings. Blue hashes show where there are supposed to be stairs. *Edit* Ok. It looks like I hit max file upload size. Several other locations in the same area have lost triangular ceiling tiles. Some of them were directly over a wood cliff platform. Not sure how you are supposed to get anymore "foundation" than that. This pic has foundations/floors directly underneath. No pillars, but full floors about 4 stories straight below it.
  6. Colonies, PvE, NA, The Gorgon's Gaze, Grid O5 cheat TP O5 -313430 317150 3567
  7. An additional request: Notification of when your ship is sinking. Single player here and I built a Schooner. Huge time sink for the resources. Out farming on land earlier today and all of a sudden I get the dreaded red message of death: Your ship has sunk. No warning. No reason. Went to the ship and all I found was wreckage. All that time and effort gone without warning. /heartbreak
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