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  1. Its not that we are bitching and crying about the game on the forums but we are doing what the forums are made for and that is actively voicing our concerns about the game that we invest our time in and want to see succeed Photek. I am sure that we all understand that there is going to be wipes to which will hopefully make the game better for the whole community but to have a wipe so early is frustrating to most people that have invested their time into the game considering they have a PTR which is suppose to address said bugs, instead most people on the PTR just want to see the pyramids and so forth negating the whole essence of having a test server.
  2. omg again and so fast!! Finally when people are actually getting set up here we go again. They wonder why numbers keep declining, maybe cause of all the unaddressed bugs that are hidden behind the wall of wipes and early access crap. Nothing I would rather do then grind for a month to find out a wipe is coming and making all of that useless. Love the game but damn sometimes it frustrates me so much.
  3. Yeah no kidding, I try to keep an eye on them all the time but lately they have been just vanishing then I find them half a tile away in the middle of the ocean. It wasn't that bad for a few seasons I found but just recently its been a gong show. I can not agree with you more George of the Jungle. I just wish some of these ongoing problems would just get solved and not just the animal on the boat issue. Sorry just had to vent a bit about it, love the game but just feels like I beat my head on the wall with some of these ongoing issues. Thank you for the feedback guys, much appreciated!!
  4. Idea to devs: Make a hitching post for animals on boats or a GPS tracker so I wouldn't spend countless hours looking for animals in water while sailing
  5. Recently I have been noticing that animals have just been disappearing off boats into the water. Just sailing in general and going through portals seem to be the worst. Recently I had one fall off, backtracked and picked him back up, started sailing again and a buddy jumped on him which teleported the animal and my buddy back to where the animal originally fell off. I remember in the past when they used to fly up into the sky and never be seen again but since then it really has not been a huge issue until now, I can not seem to keep them on my ship and its so frustrating. Would you please look into this
  6. So perhaps someone can help me with an issue that I am experiencing on my Single Player game here. The problem is, I like to play around with building and mating animals but I have been noticing after I travel to my bases and come back the mating timers on all my animals go up to 2 days to 11 real days before I can mate them again. I haven't been using spawn codes or anything cheat based, no mods running and this has never been an issue before. Does anyone else have this problem or possibly know of a solution rather then just not staying in one base?
  7. BattleEye keeps booting me, played about an hour today and its happened 3 times and counting
  8. I've been breeding on Blackwood here and for the life of me I cant get any females. I have elephants, giraffes, rhinos and bears. I have tried them all and I just keep getting males!! Anyone having this problem or is it just an "Atlas" thing?? Finally got a female, my luck just might be off
  9. I cant get crew off the sails or cannons either after that last update. Also, I found that when i'm sailing my tamed animals start spinning in the air and keep getting higher to eventually vanish and never to be seen again. Finally, if I teleport to a ship that's sailing sometimes I get a green screen and it wont let me on that boat. Takes a few try's before I can successfully get on that boat.
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