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  1. Merging deleting flags I can confirm. Smithy only locks in PvE, are you in PvE or PvP? I think Silos are for settlements. It would be nice if they could mod them to work with flag claims. I’ve not tried server password, but I’ve seen several mention it not working in discord. I can test it tonight and let you know.
  2. Updated bug list. I’ll update again when I find or confirm more that others have posted. I’ll be testing breeding tonight.
  3. Actually several places on the Blackwood map will not allow you to place a flag. Same areas will not let you build because they do not have snap points. Unable to locate Medical Herbs, Turnips or Wheat plants. Can anyone else confirm?
  4. Freeport Island You can drop claim flags on the freeport town and other structures on the island. South eastern Island bugs. This is a spawn island for new player start but covered in cyclops. I think the cyclops are supposed to be on the north eastern isle with the drake? You can just walk up to the drake no problem. Majority of Island Is missing snap points. Looks like a Temparate Island but has the weather and temperature of a Tundra island. Central Eastern Island No snap points anywhere on the island for building. Very few animal spawns North Central Islands No opposition getting to drake. Will do more testing on this island today Building is enabled, maybe intentional? All Islands and map in general Missing salt water fish around Island shores. Beds don't show on map and randomly stop working unless you create a new company. Lack of SOTD (Yeah I know, thought you would never hear that one right?) Vegetation seems to be mixed up. Aloe plants give fiber, fiber plants give berries, Berry plants to fiber are 4 to 1 it seems. Missing or lack of medicinal plants. Missing Wheat or lack of. Missing or Lack of Iron, Copper and Cobalt nodes. I’ve searched every island. Two islands have silver, one has Iridium and the rest have tin. Unable to grow crops due to biomes restrictions. No discovery points. Needed for two achievements and skills. Found several Sperm Whales but no Blue whales yet. Possibly missing. Trees floating in the sky northwest of south eastern island. Merging companies deletes merged companies claim flags. Silos cant be placed on Blackwoods type of claim system. SOTD spawning outside server boundary and becoming stuck. Sunken treasure spawning along coastal areas with treasure being underground. Sunken treasure spawning outside of server boundary.
  5. All MMO’s are competitive unless you’re playing Maple Story. Players compete for world first, largest company, resources etc. I’ve played wow since day one. I can tell you even the PvE side is competitive. Go to mine that node and someone gets there first. You just competed for resources. Your group goes after a world boss and another group gets there first. You just competed with players for that world boss. Without player competition. Why even play an mmo? Play a co-op or single player. in Atlas. You go to claim land and someone else claims it first. You just competed with a player for land. Companies need incentive to open land to other players and those players need incentive to build there. We open land for building and a few come due to lawless pillar spam and griefing. Not much other incentive to come.
  6. Just stay if lawless, problem solved. We actually started a week after release with one claim. We took the other claims over time. Some of them took over 8 hours. We now have 4 almost 5 islands almost completely capped with our flags. Yeah, you can complain about it now, amazing what people can do when they actually try. You want resources off of someone elses land, pay a tax. If you don't want to pay a tax stay in lawless.
  7. How much time do you invest in claiming land? We’ve spent hundreds of hours. So you tell me why we should be able to have a tax? Maybe because we invest the time to claim it and allow people to build without dealing with the lawless lag and drama. We have plenty living on our island. We don’t need freeloaders like you. Please stay in lawless and enjoy the foundations and lag.
  8. Find a company that already has tenants and ask them before building. We have several small companies building on our neutral land. Most are still there and some even decided to join us. 4 small companies have been on our claim since they gave us the option to set claims to neutral. A fifth recently merged into our company. We have several solo players as well. We’ve only had to evict one since he kept running around the island trying to contest our claims. We basically excluded his company ID. This gave him 3 days to get his stuff and/or salvage anything he had built We keep taxes at 15% and sometimes 10% on 2X weekends.
  9. If you use the get on ship command. Mount the animal once in the ship and ride it to the front or center of your ship. Animals tend to float when crossing server lines. If you see your animal bouncing or rubber banding, stop your ship and mount it. I learned this lesson after taming 3 elephants and the one elephant I didn’t ride became an astronaut. I have lost animals that just randomly fall through the mesh. RIP level 77 bear and 68 bear.
  10. They did make a change to taming. You cannot feed through walls. This includes door ways, pillars, doors and gates. As long as the head and chest is not obstructed you should be able to feed. Im on NAPVE B11 Dreary Skerry Paragon Company. I’ll be taming elephants, Rhinos and Giraffes tomorrow. More than welcome to tag along.
  11. Lawless lags because everyone builds these crazy walls of gates everywhere. Not to mention all the taming traps and ships. I can sail from a server with 59 people and have no lag until I hit a lawless region with 21 people and watch my ship move for one second every three seconds.
  12. I’ve successfully tamed four elephants in the past 10 days. Wear armor, there’s a safe spot to feed from, have level 3 sneaking. Use gates or pillars to trap and plan where the elephants head drops when you bola. You want to be at the elephants chest behind the front shoulder. if you still have issues, bring Med kits or contact me in game. I will tame and sell you an elephant for 1000 to 2000 gold depending on the level.
  13. It’s in the first 30 minutes. Yes they did say they are not limiting claims and they did say they are rewarding big companies with the most claims. They did say they are going to give more incentive to claim owners to allow building on claims It’s really not that difficult to figure it out. Either way, you said they didn’t say it and they did. If they got rid of PvE servers. They would reduce player complaints by 80%.
  14. We'll be looking at doing further work for claim flags and aye it's certainly a point of discussion for our team. Not saying that limiting is what we'll end up doing, but we're exploring options. So they say they aren’t saying they will limit and they said in the dev live stream they aren’t going to limit. Somehow you still assume they will limit???? https://m.twitch.tv/videos/365978125?desktop-redirect=true
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