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  1. I'm wondering if xbox players can join me on a dedicated home server I run or does it have to be hosted by Nitrado to allow for xbox players to join in cross play since I play on PC. Anyone know if this will work or not?
  2. Thank for the reply, I think I found the problem but I can not confirm if it is true or not without more testing. The original install of my private server was on my "C:" drive. I created a new install for testing on my "D:" drive and copied the save folders, map .json files and the database files over to the new install on "D:". I am not positive but I think the drive letter might be the problem and why I kept getting the "PrimalGameData_BP" loading bug when trying to connect to the test server. I have created a new install on my "C:" drive and it is an exact install copy of the original 1x1 grid (two servers) with the exception of the added 2 grids making it a 2x2 grid. This worked fine first time after I copied the save files from the original install. So It leads me to believe the drive letter was the problem possibly in the database. I have worked with save files and made back ups before with ARK and it uses a very similar save system with the exception of the REDIS database. So its possible that could be the issue when changing drive letters. Again I am just guessing that was the problem since it worked when I made an exact copy for testing on the same drive.
  3. So no one knows how to do a proper server back up? Everything I have tried results in the "PrimalGameData_BP" infinite loading bug. I could try adding the new map and extra grids to the working server I have but I don't want to risk messing that server up and loosing all of our progress.
  4. I have been been hosting a private server at home for a few weeks now and we have a 1x2 grid (A1 & B1). I decided to try to add 2 more servers to it so we would have a 2x2 grid. We have had problems in the past with the well known "PrimalGameData_BP" infinite loading bug when making changes to the server and we try to connect. So in an attempt to avoid any problems I decided to set up a second install of the server for testing. I installed a new copy of the server, copied the "shootergame/saved' files over to the new install and then copied the "AtlasTools/RedisDatabase" folder over as well. As far as I know those two directories are all I need. Anyone know if this is right? I launched the new "Test" server and tried to connect but sure enough I get the "PrimalGameData_BP" loading bug. I clear the database using "redis desktop manager" and I can connect but I have to make a new character and then I can see all of our structures and ships are there from the save. The only difference between the two server configurations is they are on different drives. Does anyone have any ideas what I could be missing? I would rather not have to start over or find that when I add two more grids to the map that is causes more problems. I thought setting up a test server would be a good idea but I can't seem to duplicate what we have on the working server.
  5. I still dont get credit for discovery zones in the home region but I am not locked at lvl 8 with the correct settings in the server game.ini file PlayerDefaultNoDiscoveriesMaxLevelUps=100 bClampHomeServerXP=False ClampHomeServerXPLevel=100
  6. Ok I was over looking a setting in a 1x1 grid template I was using as a test that had settings in it over writing the config file. I have it sorted now so if anyone runs into this double check your map settings in the grid editor as well as your config.
  7. I have heard rumors of the ability to host a full map but honestly I'm not sure how that will be possible considering how the game currently works connecting multiple grids with each grid being a single server. As for a server manager? I have been hoping for something like that as well and work was being done to create one but its been a while since there were any updates on it sadly. https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/2967-atlas-server-manager/&page=2
  8. I have done some more research on this and have found these commands mentioned on multiple forums. Even found a post here >>> Also found it on a few server rental sites with the same thing>>>> https://www.survivalservers.com/forum/index.php?/topic/6679-helpful-scripts-and-commands/ I am guessing either it is NOW disabled or it is broken with the recent update. Has anyone else run into this and found a fix?
  9. Hey guys I recently decided to get back into atlas after taking a short break for about a month. I come back after the big update and have had numerous issues getting my single grid private home based server back up and running. Turns out I was forced to start completely over because my character had become a hobbit and I couldn't even access any of my company structures, ships etc. because for some strange reason I was kicked from the company. OK no problem I will start new. Anyway, I have a fresh single grid server set up finally and suddenly discovered that when I hit lvl 9 I could no longer level? In my experience bar it says something along the lines of "need to find more discoveries". I though OK no problem I will sail over to one of the islands where I set up a discovery zone on my custom single grid map. When I arrived I could see the name of the discovery zone but didn't receive any points. After doing some looking online I found mention of some INI settings.... PlayerDefaultNoDiscoveriesMaxLevelUps=100 bClampHomeServerXP=False ClampHomeServerXPLevel=100 I already had these settings in my game.ini file so that's not the problem. Have they completely disabled the ability to get past lvl 9 on a single grid server forcing players to rent larger servers? If this is the case I feel its a huge mistake and will only drive small groups and single players away from the game who would prefer to have a private server for friends only to play on. If anyone has any suggestions or a work around for this I would greatly appreciate your help.
  10. I can confirm that this does work. I used "Cheat Summon FountainOfYouth_BP_C" to spawn it near a waterfall because it makes sense it might be there and it stayed instead of vanishing instantly. I'm not grey and wrinkled anymore!!!! Thank you so much!
  11. Yes just confirmed it will spawn with one pve island but it disappears right away when spwaned in a random location.... I guess I am stuck being 100 years old for now.
  12. I have tried this many times on my server with no luck. Just to be clear.... if I have at least one PVE island on my grid I can spawn the fountain of youth anywhere? Or just on that island? On another side note it makes sense to me that there should be a simple command to reset age of a player on a private server but I haven't found it yet.
  13. Any recent updates to this? I have been hosting a small server at home for friends but something like this would help a ton with configuring the server like the ARK server manager does.
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