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  1. Thank you for that Kogadins. Its a shame but understandable. I have used ASM for the last 18 months, fantastic program! This is great news, please post here as well once you have more info :)
  2. Lag is terrible. Im in melbourne on a 100mbit connection and its roughly 250ms to the US servers. Im all for a AUS server and hopeful to get one setup using my existing ark server hardware
  3. Will also look at the video you provided, i guess its a start until something else comes along
  4. Out of the box there is no manager provided. The core ark server is a .exe that you run, and to configure the server you are changing 2 different txt files. There are 3rd party apps that make life a LOT easier (Ark server launcher and Ark server manager) these also handle restarts, updates, backups and the likes. I have hosted numerous servers using ark server manager, without it, it would be very difficult. As you state, community members provided these two launchers, who knows how long it will be until we have an Atlas one Thanks Cybinja, i checked the forum earlier but he hadn't replied. That doesnt look very promising
  5. Even if we get the server app id, how are people going to manage the servers? With out a Atlas server manager its going to be a very painful process, especially with the frequency of updates at the moment. We desperately need some oceanic servers but until there is a manager i won't be putting mine up
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