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  1. Let's just wait and see. We also don't know how this will impact crafting new items vs bonus on old items. As a community, we should be a bit more excited of the good changes and no worry about potential doom and gloom. Haha
  2. I agree with Milos. That is rare.
  3. There is too much focus in this thread for land encounters. The real savior to this game is what they are going for: Devalue land pvp. The value in this game is ships. Land pvp is in Ark, Rust and even PUBG. The community majority wants more things in the sea. More piratey less caveman knights on bear back. As far as the player government idea, it is great but you have played games. Due to blatant discrimination or cool kids groups - you cannot rely on a modern gaming community to sustain that. As far as one thing that poked out at me "have to hold an island to declare war" that means only day 1 land owners can really sustain. Which is unsustainable. If land is less important, it is all a moot point anyway. If they were continuing with the current system, some of your suggestions are nice. The roadmap clearly indicates this is not what is wanted going forward though.
  4. I guess we just don't get answers in this game. Tickets get closed without resolve. No one seems to actually be researching issues.
  5. Some interesting new info. I sometimes play on my laptop, but primarily on my desktop. On my desktop it sends me to a character creation screen after showing a freeport as my region for the new character. On my laptop it shows NO region and gets stuck on the splash scream (primal game data or whatever). Can someone straight up answer me, I am experiencing the same tickets instant closed thing and curious as to if they ever fix this for people? Perhaps give at least the fountain of youth/powerstones back? Should I go ahead and create a new character - suck it up?
  6. I was on Kraken's Maw in H6 doing a map. It showed to be on the top of one of the towers. I was climbing picking to the top and when I almost made it to the top, my screen went black. It said I died. I was tired of the death runs (we were under prepared and trying to just death zerg to the location for hours as it was a long travel). I went to spawn back at my base of operations (in another zone) and it disconnected me. It told people online that I left the company. All I get is a character creation screen. They sent me a screenshot. I have played....according to steam nearly 900 hours. Please don't let this be the end of me. Haha.
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