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  1. Does anyone know where to obtain blueprints for modular railing upgrades?
  2. Yes, there are bugs in this game that have existed since it's inception. Yes, the majority of the player base is unhappy with the current state of the game. Yes, sometimes it seems like the Development Group for this game is utterly incompetent at their jobs. And, yes, they are going to wipe this game again, and again, and again in the future. I, and the group of friends that I play with, found it easier to deal with this game when we finally stopped fighting the fact that it is probably never going to be completely bug-free and just started having fun. We know the game is as buggy as crap, but we still enjoy building bases, building boats, taming and breeding animals, and working on achievements. We don't get stressed out when something doesn't work as intended. We just get together and determine whether or not it's a deal breaker. If it is, then we stop playing and migrate to other games that make us happier. If it isn't, we accept it and keep playing. It really is that easy. If the game makes you so upset that you want to come to the forums and rant and rave and vent profanities about the Development Group, then maybe you should just play a different game that makes you happier. This game is in a pretty sad state right now, but we still enjoy playing it when we can. If you've never participated in the Community Driven Trade Event, check it out on EITC's island in G4 (Central Region). The Trade Event can be boring at times, but there are some great people who participate. Tamed and Bred animals are traded and sold, there are fun community driven activities, and usually a raffle to give away great prizes. I've found that it's usually the people that you are playing with that make a game fun, not the game itself.
  3. Same thing is happening to me. As far as I'm concerned, the makers of this game can go fuck themselves. There are plenty of games out there that actually work.
  4. This is literally the only gaming company I know that continuously breaks their game with every major update. I swear, it's almost as if they're trying to drive their player base away. I've been patient with them since the beginning, but even with a game in early access, it should be somewhat playable. More stuff that used to work is broken now that they've wiped and reset with the Trade Winds update. Extremely amateurish gaming company. See you guys if and when they decide to actually be a professional gaming company and make a playable game.
  5. Hi Fellow Pirates! I'm looking for a maxed out Mythic Small and Large Shipyard. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they max out at 230%. If your Crew has one for sale, please let me know how much you want for them.
  6. I only read the initial post on this topic. All I have to say is that a PVP/PVE server is an absolutely horribad idea! We have all played many many online games that know how to balance PVE and PVP, whether they do it on the same server or with separate servers. Instead of trying to force PVP and PVE players onto the same server to artificially increase player base numbers, how about improving the quality of game play in both the PVP and PVE communities so that gamers actually want to play your game. I know that many of you were raised with the same work ethic that I was; if you're going to do a job, do it right. Don't half a$$ it. I never like to overly criticize people because I feel on some level, people, like our Devs, are trying to do a good job. But, how many people playing this game actually feel that they are doing their "Best"?! Game bugs and glitches exist in this game that have existed since the beginning of the ARK days and still haven't been addressed. Some politely reported and some bitched about since the Day 1 release of Atlas. After approximately 17 years of playing online games of all kinds, I honestly feel like this is one of the worst Dev teams that I have dealt with. Obviously very intelligent people, but horrible at communicating with their player base and horrible at addressing issues with their game, even though most of them are glaringly obvious. My recommendation to them is to slow down, take a breath, address some of the most glaring issues with their game, make it more playable and likable by the existing player base that has stuck with you up to this point. They are obviously the online gamers that like this gaming concept and want this game to succeed. Okay trolls, have at it.
  7. Add my name to the totally disgusted players that are tired of waiting for this dev team to make this game playable. For about the 10th time since the server wipe, I logged in to my account to find my character floating in a random spot in the ocean with no gear on and no gear in his inventory. I was immediately killed by sharks. Each time this happened, I had logged off inside a building at my base in K10. And, each time, I lost all the items that I had on my character and in his inventory when I logged off. In addition, twice I have logged in and found my ship lockers empty when they should have had multiple items in them. These were not thefts. The lockers are on the PVE server and were pin coded. More game glitches. I have tried to enjoy the game despite all of the bugs and issues that don't seem to be getting addressed. I really love the concept of this game, but I just don't have the patience to deal with a dev team that refuses to address the current bugs and issues before shoving out more content. I don't see this game succeeding in the long run because of the poor quality of work that is being put into it. Many other enjoyable games out there.
  8. I have a ship anchored in B2 and one anchored in K10. Two days ago I stripped my character, put all of his gear in a locker on my ship at B2, and logged off. When I logged back on the next morning, all of my gear had disappeared out of the locker. The locker was PIN coded, so no one stole it. It just disappeared. Yesterday, I stripped my character and put all of his gear in a locker on my ship at K10, then logged off. When I logged back on this morning, all of my gear had disappeared out of the locker. Again, the locker was PIN coded, so no one stole it. Has anyone else experienced this bug this week? I'm afraid to make anything > grey quality for fear that it's just going to randomly disappear while I'm logged off. I really enjoy the concept of this game, but with the overwhelming number of bugs and the seeming inability of the dev team to fix them before shoving out more content, it has just become a headache that I am quickly growing tired of. I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt and do my due diligence by calmly reporting bugs, but I'm about out of patience. There are other games that I may enjoy less, but at least they seem to be built on a more stable platform with better dev team communication and attention to game details.
  9. I mostly pve and at this point I don't expect anything I work on or build to be there when and "if" this game ever does go live. I am enjoying the game and look forward to seeing how this group of developers grows and learns over time, or how they crash and burn...either way, I'm in it for the long haul so that I can say I was a part of it from start to finish. I hope the trolls who cry in the forums over every little perceived slight to their gaming existence keep playing so that I can continue to get my daily dose of forum reading enjoyment. It's like waking up with the Sunday comics every single morning instead of just on Sunday. And the zingers that are generated as a result of one trolls cry storm are sometimes priceless. Good on ya Ameckon. Keep the "PTS" posts coming.
  10. After two weeks of pretty steady play as a casual player, I wanted to provide feedback on my game play experience thus far. I know everyone has a different style of play and time to commit. These are just my opinions after two weeks. 1. Aging in the game is a great concept, but current aging mechanics are to accelerated. 2. Speaking of aging, the concept of having a Fountain of Youth (FOY) is great. And, having obstacles or challenges in place to make it a little more difficult to reach the FOY are great, but the current obstacles are way to numerous and way to powerful. In my opinion, these obstacles don't encourage groups to ban together to eliminate them in order to reach the FOY, they simply encourage naked suicide runs so that you don't lose any of your gear. 3. The absence of "land claim" limits encourages companies to grab as much land as they can, sometimes whole islands, leaving very little room for individual or smaller companies to claim land. 4. Wild animals that attack are not scaled for their level. A level 1 cobra can kill my character in just a few strikes, the same as a level 100+ cobra. 5. The presence of wild animals that attack are way to frequent and way to numerous. I do like the concept of wild animals that occassionally attack, that's real life, right?! But not as frequently, in as many numbers, and as overpowered as there is currently. 6. No effective, if any, process currently setup to deal with major griefers in the game. I've only experienced what I would consider mid-level griefing on the PVE servers with an individual raft/buoy/ship blocking some of our areas; however, I have been reading the multitude of forum posts discussing what some Chinese companies have been doing to cause major grief on the PVE servers. As far as I can see, there has been no resolution by the game developers on these issues. 7. Day/night cycle occurs way to fast. I would slow it down. 8. Weather effects cycle way to fast. And are so erratic. They don't have to be totally realistic; however, when you are freezing to death in a heat wave, something isn't right. These are just a few of the issues that I have with the game as it is currently coded. I simply want to give the developers my casual player impressions of the game after a couple of weeks gameplay. That being said, I am thoroughly enjoying the game overall. I am anxious to see how the developers react to the positive and negative feedback that they have received thus far, and especially anxious to see how they handle all the griefers on the PVE servers. The style of griefing that is occurring presently has all but killed other PVE games before.
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