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  1. When you will understand or learn from your mistakes? Why in pve there is no limit from building (gathering machineries or structure components) . Each company should have only one machine from each type, and it should be a limit with building components. You are not giving us a chance to alliance or trade, with unlimited strategy companies don't need each others. They will have unlimited resources (for who play first days after each wipe only) Can you imagine that, in same island we trade fibers with woods? or metal with thatch and wood? If its unlimited, other players will not have a chance to join the game after 3 months. Just after 6 hours from last wipe, players keep building machines randomly every where, they build machinery close to me. How i supposed to build one, i don't wanna to be with claim in lawless islands. I keep sailing to 12 islands i cannot find a place to build. I'm not gonna sail all around the world to find a place to place my gathering machine or build a base. Still the game is for who will start playing from beginning after last wipe, so after 3 months there is no place for new players. Idea for your achievements when game will release; I Delete The Game. 350 Points Take your last patch paper works, roll it and push it twice then smell it..
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