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  1. LOL NE01011 You have some good suggestions but honestly, I truly doubt the Devs will read your post. They have never shown a genuine interest in anything players have to say.
  2. Because they only know how to copy and paste and even that they can't do properly! There are so many bugs from day 1 in game and they have no clue on how to fix them.
  3. And yet issues since day 1 are never resolved? SERIOUSLY? FIX the darned issues FIRST before adding more and more crap?
  4. I seriously do not think that players submitted all those questions, As always the Devs simply ignore players! Everyone knows, that there is NO LEGITIMATE reason for each and every wipe we have had other than what they have admitted here, is that a wipe generates heightened activity. Sad when they have to do that when we ALL know that the activity declines due to their never fixing old issues of which many have been around since day 1.
  5. The only direction you are taking this game is backwards!
  6. Always adding new stuff but the issues from day 1 are left unresolved. e.g. Player Shops float up and down when on ceilings and simply drop down on floors. In game economy is the basic backbone of any game...I just wish that these Devs would understand that!
  7. And STILL no comment about bugs since day 1 FIX the shops that they do not move up and down and not targetable. FIX being unable to teleport animals onto the modular ships FIX the bed issues
  8. These retarded 'Mommy's Basement Dwellers' (Devs) cannot even wipe and restart a server properly. They cannot even copy and paste properly. Just imagine that! They are simply hellbent on destroying this game. They NEVER listen to the community. I wonder just how much GrapeSHIT actually pay their idiots? Must be peanuts. GrapeSHIT totally deserve to be in the top 10 list of WORST GAME DEVELOPERS with both Ark and Atlas in the group.
  9. Typical of these arrogant, moronic Devs! Since they started with their useless, ugly, un-customizable prebuilt crap, no one even wanted one of them for FREE! i TRIED TO GIVE AWAY ALL 4 THAT i BUILT AND NO ONE WANTED THEM hahahaha. They just have NO CLUE besides destroying their own game - so frekkin SAD!
  10. Dude! These guys have zero idea of balance SO, yeah, I agree that they should be putting some energy into FIXING THE BLOODY GAME !
  11. I know that asking these Devs to do what should be done is much to much to ask...however...PLEASE...to make a wipe really worth it at the end of the day... 1. FIX the resource drops| (Let a strawberry BE a strawberry!) This is only 1 day's work for 1 person! 2. FIX the market system 3. FIX the stone figure head for ships 4. FIX the bug that a Gally can suddenly freeze in the middle of the ocean as if it is on a sandbank. 5. FIX the galleon so that it can anchor in deeper waters 6. FIX the crew and tames that they stay where thet are on a ship and not skiing behind the ship 7. FIX the reversing speed of ships and make them faster 8. FIX the snaps of roofs to walls and ceilings 9. FIX the shops that they do not sink into the water and cannot be accessed| 10. FIX the images of the paints in the grill 11. REDUCE the area for warehouses, farmhouses, mines etc. and IF you own a piece of a lawless island, you will be able to add at least 1 of these in the claimed area. 12. ENFORCE your rules! No land or sea spamming with foundations and gate supports. 13. FIX the lifts so that one doe4s not fall through the floor 14. Look at the possibility of a NPC repairing a ship when it is sailing 15. INCREASE the number of runs on a mythical bluepriint for ship parts and let them drop more frequently. 16. Bring back the laughing NPC's...with an option to either have them laugh or not. 17. STOP others from the ability of switiching off the collections of farmhouses etc. 18. Brintg in more quests 19. Increase the building limits on ships 20. Let ships be claimable after x number of days of no use 21. Let one hand over a claim flag for a full island to someone without having to go through the stress of others intervening and grabbing it. Increase4 the number of islands with the old claim flag sytstem and reduce the terrible lawless tower system by half... 22. Bring in more items to make one's house more beautiful. 23. FIX the alliance syatem. 24. Show positions of company and/or allied players on the map. 25. FIX the spear launcher with harpoons...shoot one and wait for ever to reload. And finally, please please please listen to the players! There are many good suggestions out there ! Maybe, let the private servers have the FULL grid because there is much more positive development going on out there but one is scared to invest valuable time on them because they won't be there the next day.
  12. As usual the morons fail to inspire
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