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    Creature Designer

    That is what they are saying, they are thinking about making the animal inventory look like the tax bank, where you drag an item into the "exempt" folder and it wont collect what is in there... O.o
  2. Arch Borealis

    Creature Designer

    I know its a bit far fetched, but me and my crew always thought it would be an awesome feature to have parrots be able to relay a message to specific players like a direct chat feature would do. You'd radial menu the parrot, click on the relay message where'd you then type in the character name in a box and then the message in a box below and your parrot would relay that message. There has been times like when you see a floating animal from someone out on the water, you message in global (regional) chat but no response because they are elsewhere in the world. Would be nice to be able to let someone know that their tame is floating here in "specific zone" or something. Also maybe a possible suggestion of reducing the hitbox size of elephant tusks and rhino horns? They are a pain to maneuver around each other. Another thing, not sure its become away, but walking into a mast with a rhino when trying to position them on a ship will do 100+ dmg to the mast/sails currently. That would be awesome if that wasnt a thing
  3. Arch Borealis

    bug Tames falling through floors and boats

    I'm personally not familiar with the structure in which UE4 works. But it seems as tho some animals have an overly exaggerated hitbox size (ie. collision physics). I do know however that if certain objects overlap each other to a large enough degree they will pass through each other without collision. Hence the discovery of exploits and such where someone figures out a way to overlap enough by any means allowing them to do something the game wasn't wanting you to do. As stated before i am not familiar with "collision physics" among UE4 but i could understand that by reducing the physics shape/size would increase loading time and reduce lag. But it feels as though having an object/animal such as a bear with a large hitbox and a ceiling tile and/or foundation with just a small collision barrier at the top/walkable surface wouldn't be a good idea because the large collision object will overlap the smaller one and allow it to pass through it until the object fully renders upon loading in or server restarting. Maybe by adding a collision to the mesh itself not as a component of the object might help. It seems to only happen when the server is restarted and everything is loading in again for the first time or if your character itself is loading into the game. "Object 1" loads/renders before the other and since the second object isn't fully loaded, the object begins to move/fall through and stops once the second object renders briefly after, causing "object 1" (bear for example) to stop moving while inside "object 2" (floor tiles). This is just my 2 cents, but im sure i'm probably wrong.
  4. Arch Borealis

    Following animals stuck in structure of ship

    it seems like everytime this happens to us, we can just raise and lower the anchor about 6 times and they become unstuck, each time you raise and lower the anchor they pop up higher and higher hovering until they are unstuck from the wall. Hope this helps you guys!