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    PvE Settlement Rules for Non-Owner Anchored boats

    Most of these rules don't apply to PVE. In PVE settlement ownership gives a benefit to a landholder with no war, the cost to maintain control goes up the more structures you have.. I do believe there is a window where they can demo a settlers structures, but outside of that you really cannot affect each other. Lawless is more akin to ARK PVE foundation spam.
  2. MaxDredd

    Pirates don't pay taxes

    Most of the new claim system applies to PVP, on PVE There is no claim system just buildings that decay over time that must be maintained to keep buildings from decaying. This is most likely going to be a range limited structure that will become increasingly more expensive to maintain based on the number of these auto repair buildings you place. edit: then they change their minds.
  3. MaxDredd

    WIPE CONFIRMED - Live Stream

    No it was worse. The made the Offical network from EA an unsupported Official network. Anyone who wanted to play on the Launch retail Official network had to start all over as if they just did the wipe. As the EA network dies the servers are reallocated and people who still play are given the server save and told here you go play single player.
  4. MaxDredd

    LAN support needed.

    Running this game on a single player basis on a LAN may not be possible. The net code between server nodes appear to be heavily on steam's matchmaking. It would probably be possible to host a single instance of a grid square but without the server handoff between persistently running nodes would be clunky at best. Also since the game is designed to be in sync there would not be a way to hibernate the other grid squares and keep their data refreshed. To give an example on Ark a locally hosted Non Dedicated Ark instance requires other players to be tethered to the host because in single player the whole instance is not active at once.
  5. MaxDredd

    Is This Griefing?

    Posting pillaring up everything is Griefing too.
  6. MaxDredd

    Network Failure Message - K11 down? NA PVE

    I am on F8 and have not been able to log on. NA PVE
  7. MaxDredd

    Ship phasing in and out.

    Somehow my friend's ship started "blipping" in and out. When I swim to the ship I get traveling to a grid square next to the one the ship was anchored in. When I swim to the ship i swim into it to immediately be transferred to N5 and killed. The resolution destroyed not only the brigantine that was glitched but a schooner.
  8. MaxDredd

    Regarding the weighting down ships "fix"

    It just leaves you floating aimlessly loose my tools and everything else. the could at least eject us properly.
  9. The animals on following when boarding ships is broken. they get impossibly stuck.
  10. MaxDredd

    seems to be a trend for claim lands

    Yeah, that works really well for ark...Not. This makes it so if you claim it you have to live in it as well as maintain it. Better than Ark's pillar spam.
  11. Enough with the overpowering aggressive alphas in the claim areas. go out level 15 bear mount and poof Alpha spider 245 with no chance to anything but die. grind vs reward is a bit out of balance as a higher tame dies just as quick. I love animals but spend 30 40 minutes just to have it killed by a spider while not even looking for a fight in 10 seconds.
  12. MaxDredd

    npc boat crew commands

    lets one player drive while the other manages guns. Splits the job from the guy at the wheel.
  13. MaxDredd

    Autonomous trade

    Ark has a mod called Auction House that could be adapted for Atlas assuming the mod author would be ok with helping them with that.
  14. The Lawless areas are intended to have them. It was only when they opened them up to be spawnable areas did they disable them. They should have reinforced that the change would be temporary though.
  15. Alphas in the claimable territory in PVE is not fun. Neutral is ok because it should hurt if you mess with them, but when you try to play the game in a casual way it is unplayable and not fun.