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  1. https://ibb.co/Thswp8k just connected and immediately the surprise, 3 wolves killed 29-40-44 lvl by 2 lion 2-16 lvl probably grabbed through the walls. I even found one of my lions outside the walls without knowing how I'm really speechless of this disgusting
  2. Crewmember on my galleon they continue to die without reason. I often find them buggy in the most impossible places despite detachment them only by cannons or from the sails even I find them at the bottom of the sea not the animation of the broom or that are suspended in nothingness. https://ibb.co/3S2tD2V https://ibb.co/Bq7RLZw https://ibb.co/Gk08SCj
  3. stop drugging and remove this useless bullshit I lost more than an hour to get there and now I just wasted time. shame because the game had great potential but congratulations continue to ruin it !!!
  4. shhhhhh that if they read it they make a hotfix and take your idea for good
  5. this mechanism is madness... in this environment can be a "fountain of youth" but just like a buff you can get once in a while !!! aging on such a structured game is pure madness, having to move endless servers with the probability of dying and losing the ship on long trips... I do not think this game has been proposed as hardcore survival... I can also tolerate vitamins and climate change, but that makes it really frustrating. I advise you to rethink this choice too extreme because in this way you have killed the game for those people who play in small companies and can not be online 24h.
  6. remove this shit !!! now my tamed wolfes lvl 40 are useless with 120hp and this debuff prevents doing anything !!! ARE YOU LOOKING TO FAIL ??? WHAT A FUCK DO YOU SMOKE ???
  7. First of all congratulations for the effort in fixing this game, never seen a team release so many updates consecutively. Fix the annoying problem of the trolls that sink ships was certainly primary but now...just connected I found 5 lions, 3 wolves and 4 giant snakes...TOGETHER !!! In addition to this it is not normal for a wolf or lvl 1-2 lion to easily kill a pg lvl 50+ and that suddenly appear behind you. Lastly, the aggro...too long the radius. sorry if my english is not clear
  8. yes The Spanish Inquisition continue griefer actions
  9. after being insulted and threatened to sink the ship, a player of the company "Spanish Inquisition", today he did it. Server [EU PVE] The Siren's Call F2 and now post the screen.https://ibb.co/qMHcmBVhttps://ibb.co/7WGVp3Ghttps://ibb.co/HXf8FX6https://ibb.co/D5ngb8C
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