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  1. Very Confused Why so much helpful information is hidden. I have YET to find 1 Post from someone who figured this out that has shared what the Fix actually is. Seams those who do End up writing a Full program to help you set up your Grids. Which is nice. But the fact that those usually get updated weekly and for me every time that takes place I either barely get my database recovered. Or I have a total wipe. Really makes me want to host without a crutch. Will Anyone Come forward with A definitive answer? Where are the Devs at?
  2. Funpolice=Taking things out or changing things in a game that is fun to do./Nerfing items used for certain playstyle groups. PLayatlas wont allow me to upload text files that associate with AHK profiles.
  3. I got u I had you... So.. For now i think we are hosed on Sharing AHK files. Darn. Been a while since i did a song for u guys. But as we have seen with atlas the fun police get pretty bored if they have nothing to do. Well they found a new area to police it looks like... HA hastebin to the rescue https://hastebin.com/odowicadig.pl
  4. That took a while to get for you. now turning it into AHK thats a differnet project that i would have to wait to do. Its a good song i like it i may do it soon. However this Darude deal is a task not to be taken lightly lol.
  5. Your wanting someone to try to pitch the vocals in the song? Or just the long notes of the strigs?
  6. So someone put up a song that peaked my interest i Ive decided to take it on and try to jazz it up a lil bit. Its a simple song but recently we had some changes to the base and when i check in over here and saw DARUDES sandstorm was posted it fit in perfectly.. This ones a tough cookie for me only because im going to attempt to program AHK to do a rhythm and led at the same time. Here goes...
  7. So im getting some pretty unique and difficult requests. I Kinda expected there to be a challenge but its getting out of my range of abilities with the tools at hand. HOWEVER!!! There is some work being done in the background thats going to help with the conversion of these songs. And now that Atlas has a dev kit out im looking into Making a mod that completely changes the instruments we have in game. I want a full range accordion and a drum set with better and more sounds. Maybe even some symbols? So ill check back from time to time and see if there are any easier songs that i can convert for you guys while this is being worked on. But I encourage everyone reading these posts that has dabbled in converting your own creations PLEASE post them up when your done. The more the merrier. Im Also going to most likely very soon attempt creating a new thread with all this compiled music to throw on 1 page. Easy to find for anyone in the future.
  8. IM afraid wihtout being able to Sustain the rhythm part of the song the lead just wouldn't make sense.
  9. Little bit at a time guys Ill work on what i can when i can but i believe we had a Jurassic Park request... Jurasic Park.ahk Ahh Crap I left out a ""send {2 down}{2 up}"" at the end of the file.... But while your changing your hotkey wouldn't be to hard to copy paste that at the end of the song
  10. Skip ahead in that video to about 4:45 if i had the capabilities to hit all those notes you bet your but there would be a copy of it sitting right here for you to download...
  11. IM sry man IM sure u mean ocarina of time. And that song breaks both ends of our octave capabilities in the first 15 secs of the song then every 5 seconds after. Until i get some new programming i just dont think its doable.
  12. Made another tetris, Working on how to hit a button to make the speed faster each playthrough. but heres my version. NewTetris.ahk.txt
  13. THis song is kinda nuts lol. YOu had it so so so so close.. I did patch your version up ill send that now. BUt i think i want to try to make it progressive like its suppose to be lol. Tetris.ahk
  14. Trying to catch up to requests today lol... Heres the Pure imagination that was requested...Pureimagination.txt
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